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One last run...

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Here's one to ponder:
God tells you that he will allow you to ski one last run, anywhere in the world, but once you reach the bottom you will die.
What would be the run you would choose?

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a) The longest one
b) one with a lift back up from before you reach the bottom
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I appeal to the 5th amendment (is that the right one?).
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I'm with Frances - one with mid-station operating
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Well if God's talking to me I figure I've already bought the farm. In this case I'm in heaven!(I hope) so I could pretty much ski bottomless Champagne powder for the remainder of time and not worry about getting to the end. If I'm firmly planet on Tera Firma though I would have to say any untouched peak in the Chugach range. You never pointed out what level skier we could be in this "never world" you describe where God speaks to us so I just assumed I could ski like Nobis or Kreitler.
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Well for me it would be pointless skiing one more run. I would just let him take me cos when I am in heaven I will be able to ski on whatever I want and not get cold or have to hike or queue for the lift, aaah it's almost enough to make you believe in God!!
Seriously it would probably be backside of Mont Fort in Verbier to Siviez which is a huge powder field with some serious stuff and a huge vertical descent. Beautiful but no trees unfortunately. Having said that you could do some really cool jumps and tricks and stuff cos you would know you were going to get to the bottom cos God just told you. Bring it on!
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Two words to all:

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The Run of the Century, Selkirk Mts., B.C.
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The speed track at Vars, France. Of course, I may die BEFORE I reach the bottom...
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World Cup Run, Sunshine Village
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from the crater on Mt Ruapehu, NZ down Whakapapa to the Top of the Bruce.
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Lisa Falls chute/couloir in Little Cottonwood Canyon with a few feet of new, no-wind, Wasatch Mountains 6% snow.

After that, I could go happily.


I liked the suggestion of the Hahnenkamm, but I think I'd kill myself at the Mausefalle, which would defeat the purpose.
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God would never do that to me.
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Probably the Wall of Death at Avoriaz. I would ride the lift up in a cape. Just before dropping in the cape would be discarded 'Saturday Night Fever style' to reveal my union Jack thong. The writting on my body would be as follows

Left bottom cheek "Goodbye"

Right bottom cheek "World"

Back "Is this wedge enough for ya SCSA?"

Forehead "See you in Hell Gonzo"

........ screaming & shouting all the way down to a yardsale at the bottom, no point in going quietly is there?

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The longest deepest powder run on earth.
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