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Liability expenses and ski insurance...a real headache

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Havent' had much time to post recently guys, sorry, but I could do with a little bit of help now.

For those of you that ski in the US and Canada, what would you say is a standard reccommended amount money needed to cover liability charges???

I am searching for a suitable winter sports insurance to cover me for 4 months in Canada next season and the typical liability cover with British companies I have called so far is between $1.5 and $2.5 million......is that adequate cover???

One Spanish company told me I would need significantly more than that.

Being a little brit, I am terrified of being sued!! :

Just fill me in....
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I would think most main insurers would factor the liability range in when they set up the policies. As long as you are getting one that covers winter sports in the US/Canada you should be well covered.

And if you get sued sue someone else to cover your liability.
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If you need liability protection, you need it for the amount of what would be normal costs for a problem you might cause plus the value of whatever assets you have that someone might sue you for. When I "owned" a bunch of commercial property (actually, I only owned a small part because the rest hadn't been paid off), I carried a general liability umbrella separate from the specific liability coverage for anything that might be related to the property. The insurance agents recommended the separate policy be for something like a couple times the liquidation value of anything I had.
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Liability for what?
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Both my insurance (Churchill) and the British Ski Club insurance give £2 million of cover for personal liability.
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Liability for what? If you If you ski in a safe manor there shouldn't be any problems. Follow the skiers code and don't take risk that could involve injuring someone else and you should be fine. Look if something does happen and you were skiing safely but lets say caught an edge and hit someone I'm sure that in must cases other then some nasty words nothing would come of it. when we ski we ski at our own risk It says so on the back of the lift ticket. Resort do get sued however it is rare when a resort loses in court.
Maybe some of the Lawyers that post here could fill you in on weather or not a skier has some amount of protection from suits while skiing.
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Originally posted by irul&ublo:
Cheeky.... Liability for what?
He was the bloke who skied into the shed in the M&Ms commercial.
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The reason to have insurance would be to cover the cost of a claim against you and probably the defence costs also, which would be one possible reason to have it. If you do nothing wrong but nevertheless are sued by someone who thinks you did, it will cost you to prove you are right, or it can cost your insurer.

Against that, especially in those places where lawyers get a cut of the court award as their fees, there generally has to be a pot of cash to make it worthwhile for them to sue. No cash, probably no claim, whether you were in the wrong or not. Having insurance cover can generate claims which might not occur if there was no insurance.

You have to work out what you have to lose if someone did sue you successfully- as Bob Dylan said if you aint got nothing youve got nothing to lose.

As to amount- pick a figure. Injure the hand of a successful surgeon who will never operate again then you are looking at big bucks. All you can do is pick a figure and go with it, bearing in mind that very often, unless you have large realisable assets, a lot of claimants might only look to the insurance cover anyway and not bother with your own assets, then again you might get a grabby claimant .

Check your existing insurances if you have any, depending on what you have got you may find some liability insurance tucked away as an add on to your home or home contents policy- but be sure you read and understand what you have got, there may be exclusions, particularly geographic. UK insurers get nervous with the US and Canada because of the claims culture and the size of the awards, which is why if you take out a policy it costs more for cover there.

The advice to take care is well given, not least because it will avoid or minimise claims and the insurers will expect you to do that anyway and might void the policy if you are shown to have been reckless, thus leaving you on your own- you wont get the premium back either !!
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Tee hee, silly Europeans . This whole concept of personal responsibility is somewhat foreign to us Americans. Being liable for our actions? Nonsense. It is always somebody else’s fault.
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I think part of Cheeky's problem is that most British insurers are used to only coping with up to about 1 month skiing, whereas she want 4 months, and wants adequate cover if anyone from a "blame culture" decides to sue her, so can anyone give her help?

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I posted your dilemna on another site, one full of British seasonnaires. So far, I've had one response:
Click on their insurance page, and see if that's any good - it would be around £211 for a full year's cover, including no 93 day limit. I only had a quick look, but it seems to me that they cover £2million personal liability and £10million medical.

Hope this helps,

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