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I'm hooked!

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Hi all, just got back from a month in Kiwi. Great stuff, very ordinary snow, but that’s another story. Coronet, Remarks, TC, Cardrona, Mt Hutt, Porters and Olympus.

Before leaving had my first race at Thredbo, followed by another at Cardrona. Very casual affairs (had to be if an unco like me could win them!!), but just great fun, I’m hooked. Does anyone have any info on Masters racing in this part of the world?

I met someone who was on a race clinic for a week at Thredbo. Anyone know who runs this?

Go back to NZ in a week for the third time this season. Can’t wait; hope the snow lasts!!



PS nice to see you all again [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I hope you hooked up with Bengy while at Porters!

Well, Masters racing is huge here in Oz.
I did Mountain Masters at Perisher Blue for 3 years (and graduated to instructing!), and that was an offshoot of the PB Race Masters. The Blue Cow one seems the most successful. It's a big, thriving bunch, very energetic, they have dinners, a newsletter, great deals on clothes and skis...they do their thing every Sunday for 4.5 hours, and go in lots of races.
Look up the Winter Sports Club bit of PB's website
www.perisherblue.com.au as that is the race department, under whose auspices Masters is run.

Thredbo also have Masters, I think they only have the race sort. They don't seem quite as energetic, but they have been going for some time and come to our races, and we go to theirs. It's also a regular weekend thing...tricky if you're in sydney but a surprising number of them are Sydneyites (I'm talking about the Blue Cow mob here). again, try their website (www.thredbo.com.au) and if there's no info, email them. they are pretty good about replying.

I hang out with the Blue Cow mob every Sunday.
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Thanks Ant, will look into the Oz scene for next year. This year was my first in Oz for some time (other than a weekend last year) and the one thing I noticed was how fast everyone skis here. Style and even control seem to be secondary to just how fast everyone can get to the bottom of the run!!
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Thredbo has both racing, with a little free skiing, and free skiing, with a little racing, Master's groups. This is my third year doing it and it is great fun!Starts about 2nd week of July (depending on snow) and runs every Saturday until.......tomorrow!(Can summer really be that close!)Every Saturday morning from 9.30am til 12.30.

Monica is in charge of the program ie bookings etc but it is Tim Robertson's baby. Marion at Clifford lodge could also help you out with any questions you have.
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Hi Pete,

Well its your time downunder for spring sking. You are hooked on skiing, and that means you are addicted. You will have withdrawl symptons when the season ends.

Unless you have some equaly addictive summer time activities, I strongly suggest that you plan some ski time and save some serious money so you can come to North America to get a mid summer ski fix.

All the best!
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Actually Wink it was the racing I got hooked on, long been hooked on skiing

Ski both southern and northern seasons already, about 6 - 8 weeks on the snow each year. Yeah the break in between seasons kills me.


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Last Saturday at the end of season lunch for the Thredbo Masters Tim Robertson announced that next year they would be running a full day Masters Race program. The program would cost about $Aus 600-$700 and run for about 8 weeks.

Might be worth a phone call if you are interested.
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Just remember to race within your limits, always ware a helmut, and one day you will be skiing free hear in the USA and easily winning gold NASTAR medals.
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Pete:Just remember to race within your limits, always ware a helmut, and one day you will be skiing free hear in the USA and easily winning gold NASTAR medals.

I wonder if I make a third post it will really, really make the point.

One thing more, skiing keeps you young, while your kids as they arr growing up, age you.

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