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Refreshing European pics

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Tried to embed images for more effective visual impact, but for some reason they didn't show. The links work, though.


avoid the fall

just a perfect day

Les Arcs:


Zell am See / Kaprun


where I wanted to ski

the site of the crash
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Cedric - it's not you - it's the people who are hosting your images that won't let you do a direct link!


[ September 01, 2003, 06:23 AM: Message edited by: Wear the fox hat ]
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Great pics Cedric. Is that you in the big air pic?
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BillA - thanks. Those mountains are superb...

You must've gone through the other pics posted there, 'cause I didn't post the big air one! Yes that's me, it felt great.

WTFH, thanks. I need to find another site to upload photos to, or pay a subscription on this one for full access.
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will host any skiing related pictures AND allow direct linking.

Nice Pics too, BTW!
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