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Clean living

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In searching for info on places to settle in the mountains I found this little Gem of an article on the environmental catastrophe in the CoeurdAlene, Idaho area:


It's sad when such pristine areas are decimated by human negligence. Are there other mountain wonderlands that should be avoided because of environmental issues?

Looking for assistence in narrowing my list of potentials.
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Well we don't mine here and they've all but stopped logging in these parts. It's pretty much a golf,ski,fish town.
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A bit further east from couer`d`lene is Sandpoint Idaho--which is at the base of Scweitzer Mtn Ski Resort---you can check it out on the internet..It probably is one of the most pristine of ski areas
with lots of backcountry skiing and NO crowds....
check it out--I`ve been there and love it --good snow, steeps and trees ---If you choose I can give you some people who are involved at the Area--
just PM me---Larry C
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Thanks, Larry C....you've given away the greatness of SCHWEITZER to thousands of skiers.
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Too bad. I logged onto the Coeur D'Alene visitors bureau website. It looks to be a beautiful area. I seem to recall parts of Idaho are home to a great deal of Aryan Nation type militia activity. Lead poisoning, hmmmm!

Even Aspen, if memory serves me, was supposed to have been built partially on mine tailings that are said to be a health threat.
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I grew up in the area and know CDA, Sandpoint, and the surrounding areas extensively. The lead problems are indeed tragic, but I wouldn't let that scare you away from the entire panhandle. As for the Aryans, they are pretty much a very small group of people confined to several acres in the woods. I woulnd't worry about them either....Anyway, questions welcome to those visiting or contemplating a move!
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No doubt similar stories can be found for many places near western ski areas. Mountains good for skiing were also good for mining.

Regarding the decimation of pristine areas, these mining related impacts are limited to the areas immediately downstream of the mines or process ing areas. This leaves the upstream areas (and other drainages) virtually untouched. Kellogg and Butte (another plundered place)still have a lot of pristine country nearby.
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While it appears clear the mining companies certainly did a lot of things they shouldn't have done, I think the article is pretty one-sided. I too grew up in Spokane and visited Northern Idaho often. To read the article, you'd think the whole area was a disaster and uninhabitable. In reality, it is one of the most beautiful places on the continent (Northern Idaho in general - not Kellogg).
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