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First Turns

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A great morning at Loveland. Arrived at 8:45 ready to catch one of the first chairs up. A lot of smoke in the air from the fires near Denver.

At 9 hop on a chair with a guy from nearby Georgetown-his third day of the season, he tells me it was pretty soft yesterday and got a bit mushy. Just a short 5-minute ride to the top. Winds are howling as they have been for a few days but not real extreme. Probably right about freezing.

Slide off the chair, turn right and off we go-nice snow, only a few other early morning souls around. A few gentle rights and lefts as we head down toward the first 90-degree right-hander. Cool-a little drop off on the inside of the turn-take the drop and shoot up the uphill wall. Down to where it opens up, time to play with a bit of balance, a little fore, a little aft, move it around and start searching for the sweet spot. OK, we’re starting to feel centered. Let’s maintain it through the whole turn. Stay up with the skis.

Now let’s play with some really cranked sloooow short turns. Focus on the movements, release, move into the turn, steer them hard, almost guide them back up hill, how slow can we make these turns. Make it all one flowing movement. Yeah, these feel good.

Cool, now lets play with the edges, go for some real skiddy flat turns, then lets see if we can crank up some pretty high edge angles. Ankles, knees, and hips-where can we generate the angle from? Ouch, should have done more stretching!

Here is the run out to the lift-lets just fly-quit thinking, just ski.

Great early season snow-a bit sugary in spots, a few frozen tracks here and there but really nice.

Slide into the chair- -the first run is history. Time to do it over and over. Some runs for fun, some runs playing with technique. Watch a few skiers slide by-maybe a bit of MA here and cranking up the teaching side, start back to work Saturday.

Let’s play with a few pivot slips, then some feel bad turns. Evil trainer thought enters my mind-how about some one-footed pivot slips? Pass-not today but store it in the archives to spring on some unsuspecting instructors.

To hell with thinking-make big arcs, make small arcs, feel the wind and the joy of being back on snow.

Times up-got other things to get done. Made 11 runs in about one and one half hours. On the way home hit Starbucks for a treat. The season is underway. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I can't wait to make my first turns. Still 4 weeks away. 30 days. You're so lucky.
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Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Ski&Golf! I look forward to getting up there soon--maybe next week. First I'm going to go see Jeff about some boot fitting. Anyway, glad to hear your first day thoughts.

Indy, it will come!
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