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Altitude bump to workouts

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I noticed hitting the gym after my 4 days at 8000 feet my weights and cardio got a noticeable bump. Not sure of the length of time for this, but it definitely helps short term. According to the article there is 30% less oxygen at that level (although your hemoglobin still retains 90%)

Anyone else play with training at altitude then coming back down (like manual blood doping)? I think it has the potential to be a training aid to help you over plateaus.

As a side benefit I deliberately ate better when up there - less fat, more veggies, fruits and quality carbs due to an article I read in Skiing about how to deal with it. So that may have helped too.
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I usually have great workouts after my ski trips. I seem to have more endurance and/or speed. If I am lucky enough to start waterskiing right away, my annarobic endurance is the best all season.
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Agree there is a boost, a real kicker for some. But it does come with a cost especially for those who live 24/7 at higher altitude visiting below 500’ only on occasion. For example sleeping at 6000’ and then skiing (hiking, biking) between 9500’ and 12500’ brings with it O2 debt, dryness, lack of a real deep sleep and for some a continuum of AMS, HAPE and HACE syndrome severity.

However, when we do climb back down say to Maine coast for a little R&R, our energy levels are off the charts for about 3 to 4 days. Superman like at sea level. Biking for example in Acadia National Park has us easily out revving Lance or anyone up Cadillac Mountain. Oh, and we forget about eating healthy while at sea level; it’s Lobster and pounds of butter until we return to the rarefied mountain air and our vegetables thank you.
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This one I actually slept at 8000 and was up at 10-11 for 4 days. Then again not quite like Colorado. Back to normal today at the gym and I'm sore like old days
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