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Eastern Lift Tickets

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Was just reading the $59 Whiteface midweek debacle, and was wondering, are Eastern ski resorts in a cartel where they conspire to keep lift ticket prices insanely high and only offering discounts when it suits them? I know out west there has been a major lift ticket price war which has benifited consumers greatly. IF ANYONE WORKING IN AN EASTERN SKI RESORT IS READING THIS, NOW MIGHT BE A GREAT TIME TO SLASH LIFT TICKETS ACCROSS THE BOARD AT YOUR RESORT!!!! Think about the number of grateful skiers who would flock to your resort if you offered a lift ticket that was $15 cheaper then the competition, I'm not asking for a $25 lift ticket, but there are SEVERAL resorts that are asking skiers to pay close to $60 a day to ski. Just think of the possiblities a $40 lift ticket offers. I would beat a path to your doorway if you did that. I usually ski 40+ days a year and I have friends [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Eastern ski tickets can be attained for well under $59 a day. Wouldn't catch me paying much more than $40 for a day of skiing.

If you look around, there is ALWAYS a way to get a discount. Check our the webpages for special days where there are discounted tickets.

We've purchased "flex" tickets from Potter Bros. Ski Shops that have us sking midweek for $19 and under.

Belleyare Mt (sp?) has skier appreciation days at least once a month for about that much.

Valentines day will usually bring the buy one get one free tickets.

Join a ski club and take advantage of savings of 20% or more on tickets. We belong to

Honestly, the times I pay full price for a ticket are few and far between.
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Waterville Valley took the bold step towards slashing lift ticket prices last year to $39. Loon discounted some as well, but other ski areas here are holding firm. Sunday River is over $50 and Killington was $57 last year (w/tax)! There are many ways to ski for less. Most have already been mentioned. Look... Listen... Surf the web... Full price is for suckers... [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Loon/Waterville/Cranmore Limited Anytime Pass - $299. The only black out days are the major holidays/school vacation week (I think 10 days in all?). Ski ten times at these mountains and you are down to $30 lift tickets. Ski twenty and it's a $15 ticket. Unlike most of the nice deals on ticket prices you get to ski weekends with this pass.
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Loon/Waterville/Cranmore Limited Anytime Pass - $299.

That's more like it! We want mo'!

How about a Whiteface/Gore/Belleayre pass with holiday blackout dates for $299? That would help pay off the new Facelift!

About the only defense that the Eastern ski areas have (when someone brings up the Bogus Basin-inspired season pass pricing out west) is that the mountains in our part of the country don't have nearly as much total acreage as out west and would get overcrowded with all the new patrons. Would anyone like to address this possible sticking point?

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If you are skiing more than 40 days you should buy a pass dude......everyone knows that there are serious ways around the full price you always get first tracks and don't have to wait in ticket lines daily........
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I absolutely agree with you. In colorado there is one metro city DENVER on the East coast we have Toronto, NYC, Boston, DC, to name a few. It's ridiculous.....everyone wants improvements, but nobody wants to pony up the cash.... I skied 30 days last year and bought a season pass, the break down was $11.63 per day. no one should complain about prices...if you do your can ski cheap..I like cheerios.....I buy a lot of boxes of it......i clip coupons to save money off the full price it's the same concept for lift tix except times it by 10
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The problem with some passes is that they restrict your vision.

With so many mountains within an hour or two drive, I find a pass tends to limit the available terrain.

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I have to agree with you on that one. I ski my main mountain a ton and get out to the other resorts about 2 times a year with one trip out west.

it is a tough game to win, thats for sure.....
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