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Jonny Moseley Mad Trix Game

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As many of you probably already know, The 3DO Company is working on the first freeskiing game ever made. It is called Jonny Moseley Mad Trix and will be coming out on the PS2 before Christmas. I am one of the main people working on the game design. This will be the first video game to show off what new school, trick based skiing is all about.

While our entire team has spent more than a year researching freeskiing, we certainly are not the experts that you, the people who are live and breathe freeskiing every day, are. One of the key things to our team is to make sure we develop a game that represents the sport of freeskiing in the most authentic way possible. We are currently working closely with several of the world's top skiers like Jonny Moseley, Tanner Hall, Evan Raps, and Vinnie Dorion. We also get outside consultation from many other people in the freeskiing industry.

In order to keep core freeskiers such as yourself as informed about the game as possible, we will be posting informational updates and press releases about the game on this site. We really would love to hear any input or comments you have on the game. Please feel free to give us any suggestions, criticisms, or advice on how we could make the game better.

While some things in the game might seem a bit outside the realm of what freeskiers do on a daily basis, please keep in mind that we are trying to make a game that appeals to the average game consumer as well as authentic to what is going on in freeskiing today.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!
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Neat! I might actually play a new generation video game again.

Got some stills and storyboard style scetches for us?

I worked on a (admittedly lame) video game for the movie "The Pagemaster" a few years ago. Few weeks of frantic contract work before the ski season. Was kind of a fun gig tho.

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Under images there are some stills of the game and such. On another note, I remember seeing that movie "The Pagemaster" in 3rd grade, and even though it was strangely short, it was such a bad movie that I had to go home and cry myself to sleep. You should be ashamed.
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Hmm, ashamed of making good money just before ski season? I think NOT!

Not my fault it was a lame movie. And I agree, it was pretty bad. Fer crying out loud, I had nothing to do with the content, g-dubs.

I made $24 per hour, lots of overtime. I was certainly not ashamed of that! Gig was in Golden, easy commute to & from Summit County.

Thanks for the link... This looks like an interesting game.
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Looks sweet! Very SSX like .. which is a good thing since that was one of the best PS2 games out. Can't wait to play it!

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I'm definitely eager to play this game. With respect to SSX, however, I have to say, I just picked up Coolboarders 2001 for PS2 (recently released), and the controls, gameplay, music and overall realism blow SSX away. Hopefully Mad Trix will skip the ridiculous fantasy environments, etc. and provide a true new school / backcountry ripping experience.
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I kind of liked the mix of fantasy and reality in SSX. They had three of four levels that were realistic enough (Untracked was sweet) and then threw in some others to keep it interesting. I'll have to check out Coolboarders 2001.
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