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Top 10......STOWE is #9

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I was surprised that Ski Magazine, the Travel Channel and Warren Miller rated Stowe in the top ten ski resorts worldwide.

I've skied all the other top 10, except Portillo, and by any objective evaluation Stowe does not deserve to be included. If you count lifts, acreage, runs, snow-fall etc., it really does not measure up.

However, there is a mystique about this mountain, the real essence of skiing, I've skied here maybe 800 days, but each day is different, I'm still discovering the mountain's secrets.

My own evaluation of the top 10 would have the Arlberg at #1, Sun Valley at #2, Tignes/Val d'sere at #3. However, my criteria no doubt are very different from Travel Channel's.
Divorce Aspen's crowds, pretension and phoniness, Aspen has , perhaps, the best terrain in North America. But, it has become obnoxiously pretentious, ridiculously expensive. The mountain is like a grown up Stowe, great steeps, big challenging bumps, trees, secret stashes.....

Their #1 Vail has just got too big, too busy, too packaged.
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I haven't skied as many of those resorts as you skiswift, but Arlberg would have been #1 for me, and Jackson Hole would at least have made the list!
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Just like every other "World's Best" rating in the US - its mainly geared towards US properties.

Heavenly at no 7 ! yes, that's not a typo. PuhLezze! give me a break! the views are great, no complaints about that. Lift lines are crowded, food is terrible, takes ages to get from CA to NV side or vice versa.

Where's Jackson Hole, ValD'isere, Courcheval, Zermatt !!!!!
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Yeah the list was definately lame.

I was waiting for Jackson Hole to show up.
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For those of us who didn't see the show can someone provide the list.
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I'll try to remember it as best I can:

1. Vail
2. Whistler/Blackcomb
3. Aspen
4. Arlberg Region
5. Sun Valley
6. Charmonix
7. Heavenly
8. Portillo
9. Stowe
10. Park City (All 3 resorts)

I'm pretty sure that was the order. Please feel free to correct me it I'm wrong.
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>>> If you count lifts, acreage, runs, snow-fall etc., it really does not measure up. <<<

How about if you count travel agent commissions?
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Well, in all fairness; only sun valley, park city, and heavenly don't deserve to be on the list, which would be due to their subpar (compared with the best) skiing. This is the travel channel after all - think: 4 meals a day on a cruise ship, taking the elevator, shopping as a hobby, etc. Skiing is probably only a small criteria.

With that in mind, I would think Val D'isere and Zermatt should be on there. I don't know. I don't really think much about anything other than the terrain and snow, and sometimes the nightlife and accessibility. I would think Jackson Hole wouldn't compare to the rest in the "resort" part; at least for the travel channel type person.

The same thing happens in Ski Magazine. I think Skiing's rankings are pretty good for most of us.
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This top ten show was put together by the Travel channel in collaboration with The Skiing magazine.
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Jackson Should definatley be on there. Good enough for the Yuppies and still has the best terrain around.
Park city is definatley not the best skiing in utah but deer valley definatley has the whole service thing nailed. I Also think Tahoe has alot better to offer than heavenly.
Oh well that just means shorter lift lines at the good places.

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