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Volkl statement?

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I just read somewhere that i think the Pres. of Volkl (or a rep in NA?) atleast someone working for Volkl stated that their products have a premium price for high quality equipment..but it seems that the price is pretty similar to other skis of comparable class...is there some ski they're refering to that i'm not aware of?

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In the past (8-10 years ago) I think that Volkl's were one of the more expensive skis. It was at about this time that I started buying and skiing Volkl's. Since that time I think that Volkl's prices have come down, or the rest of the high end industry has gone up. Not sure which.
Today, I think that Volkl's are about the same price as most other ski lines.

Just my observations, A long time Volkl Fan.

Jim from Idaho
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The plate = energy rail plate...it was available as a standalone plate from volkl also (required 20 screws tho lol)

As for outrageously overpriced skis...i agree with you...for the most part, it's not that bad. Even with the system skis, the system price vs. ski + binding prices are pretty similar when it comes to msrp.

To be honest, it seems as though the price of a system vs. buying separately might be less painful on the wallet. Take a quick comparison. The P40 F1 energy rail + top of the line Marker MRR binding was approximately $895 msrp for the ski and $395 msrp for the binding...about $1300. On the other hand, the binding + ski price of the P50 is like $1100 isn't it?

Getting back to the topic, though, are volkl's still thought of having that "premium" price though? Past season at the ski shop, alot of people shyed away from the volkl section of the wall, even though everything was VERY comparably priced, saying "naw...volkl's are way out of my price range" or something to that regards.

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Hard to say if the 'premium' price is an image or something that Volkl actively courts or is simply a by-product of their recent success in building some very good skis. They have had several years of one ski or another as "gold medal" skis or 'Ski of the Year'. In addition, the line I here over and over at the shops that carry Volkl is that there is a very limited supply of Volkl's, and because they are such good ski'sk, there is a lot of demand. If you don't want to pay top price, there are plently of other people who will. The impression I get from my local shops and those that I frequent when I'm in CO is that Volkl and Atomic are high in-demand skis with a limited supply and won't be heavily discounted while Rossi and others are readily available and have to be discounted in order to move 'em. So are Volkl's really a premium ski or did Volkl just cut the supply to stay just enough behind demand for their skis to maintain a premium price? BTW, I feel the same way about Atomic's as MB feels about Volkl's. They come across as outrageously expensive here, but there sure seem to be a lot of "leftovers" (last year or two season old) models showing up on the discount racks.
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MelloBoy, regarding pricing, you have to compare the P50 Motion to the P50 Platinum energY ($695). That is the ski that is the P50Motion's base. North America must be the only market where the P50 Plat. and the G3 are sold. Elsewhere Volkl is marketing those two skis only in Motion form.
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