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Alf Engen - Old Man and the Mountain

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Last night, April 11, I was invited to a screening of a grad student, Howie Arnstad's (spelling may be wrong) at the University of Utah's Masters Dissertation. The topic of his film, "Old Man and the Mountain" was Alf Engan, father of modern day powder skiing.

Alf Engan was a Norwegian Immigrant who moved to the western United States in the 1930’s. Alf brought his love for skiing with him. He was a instructor, ski jumper, amazing powder skier, husband and father.

There was maybe 100-125 of us at Howie's first showing of the film. Key guests were Alan Engan, Alf’s son and author of many history books about skiing, including "For the Love of Skiing." Many prominent members of the Alta community, old ski buddies, past Olympic athletes who were taught by Alf, as well as many other guests. I learned a lot about a man who we all owe great thanks to for bringing us to where we are today in skiing. Alf taught many children to ski over his years, as well as these children's children. Alf felt that you must just have a good time skiing, that is why you are out there.

I learned that Alf surveyed many mountains around the U.S. to build ski resorts, including Snowbasin, and his home resort, Alta, Utah, where the Alf Engan Ski School still calls home. In all, Alf Engan was the creator of 31 ski areas across the nation.

There was footage of Alf and his brothers skiing runs, with fewer trees on them back in the 1940's and 50's that I ski today. You could have dubbed the footage into any of today's ski movies and nobody would have known that these men were skiing on wooden skis and leather boots. Alf was doing flips off large cliffs, carving great turns in the powder, and had a smile on his face that would light up the night sky. All the while getting face shots of deep Alta Powder.

Thank you Howie for inviting me to your first showing of your movie, I look forward to owning my own copy soon, which I will cherish. I am sure that you will have a great career in film production.

I am sure that Alta will have another presentation of the film.

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COOL! And definitely check out For The Love Of Skiiing! Awesome book!
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Will you give us a 'heads up' when the film goes public?
sounds too good.
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I got a video tape for Christmas called Utah Ski History. It features a lot on Alf and his Brothers.This new film sounds like it would be a good addition to The Story of Utah and skiing.I hope they convert it to video and or DVD.
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Utah, Howie had VHS copies that he was selling at the showing last night. He asked for a $10 donation to help him recover his costs of making the film. He said that he was planning on making some DVD's for slightly more. Well worth the money in my opinion, I put my order in for the DVD this morning. If you like, I can try to get you a copy as well sometime.
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If you would please send me the info on where to send a check I would love to have that VCR Tape. I met Allen Engan about 2 years ago at a book signing for his book at Dolly's Book Store here in Park City.
Deer Valley has a sculpting of Stein Eriksen in front of the Snow Park Lodge. IMHO Alta needs one to honor the Engan Brothers. also please post on how conditions are in LCC this weekend I have Monday off and think I need another day of skiing or two or three at Snowbird.
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I'll try to get some info for you on the film. Give me a little time though. The Engan Brohers were truly in the forefront of skiing, and should be recognized. Stein even felt so during the interview with him in the film.

I no longer have internet at my house, felt I was being ripped off, so if you can wait until Monday, I'll post. I expect conditions to be fairly good corn. Its frozen every night, and gotten quite warm during the day. Also, the Cottonwoods are expecting a storm early next week.
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GO NOOOORWAYYYY!!!!! I saw a film about the Engan brothers (3) around February on Norwegian television- They were nothing but awesome considering skis and equipment used. So American skiing has much to thank Norwegian immigrants for
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Please post order information to this site - sounds like a cool flick. (I'm a sucker for documentaries)
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Not to be pickey, but I believe the correct spelling of the last name is Engen.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Norefjell:
Not to be pickey, but I believe the correct spelling of the last name is Engen.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

You are correct. My apologies to the Engen Family.
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Sorry it took me so long to get the director's (Howie) e-mail but here it is. I would drop him an e-mail if your interested in getting a tape/DVD. If I remember correctly, a VHS tape was $10. I am sure you will need to pay shipping if necessary. Again, it was a very well done documentary on Alf Engen.

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YEAHHHH!! The director is norwegian or of norwegian heritage toooo!!!!!! Håvard Arnstad is a genuine norwegian name from around where I live in Norway, Trondheim!
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hi i saw you lived in trondheim
my old relatives are from there
wondering if you could help me with a christmas wish
send me a private message or email through profile
i am looking for a gift that i cant seem to find in the US
happy holidays
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Holy moses, this is a bump worth a grin.
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AltaSkier: I tried the email you gave: havardarnstad@hotmail.com. It "bounced" as invalid.
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I am not sure what to tell you crud. All my connections to Howie were through and ex-girlfriend who when to the University of Utah. Perhaps a google search? Wish I could be more help. The movie was inspiring to say the least.

I never got my copy by they way.
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You may want to try haavardarnstad@hotmail.com

Two aa's are equal to the Norwegian character a with a circle above.
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I checked Amazon for the film- not there. I googled it- and came back here.
Everything about Alf and the old timers is just pure stoke, for lack of a better word. He was around when I first came to Alta although I never met him. I think of him every time I'm there. Thanks for the bump.
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if anybody manages to dig up better info (i.e. proper email or better yet a website for the film) please post!

i'd be down to purchase a DVD...

i bet if the director batched up some DVD's he'd have no problems selling a grip here and more over at TGR.
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