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Little MA Please

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I am taking the L II exam next week.
I have found a lot of great stuff on EpicSki.
This is my first video post of my personal skiing.
I hope I got it right.

Art Faye on groomed bluish green 1http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7788659280332493742

Art Faye on groomed bluish green 2

I wish I had more to post but I don't.
I'll get 2 or 3 days of skiing in before exam days.

All comments or suggestions are welcome! (Just don't tell me to take up bowling or curling.)
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I only watched the first video, but I could see enough from that. You need to work on your transition between turns. You are rushing to get onto your new outside ski and not releasing the old outside ski. This is causing the A-frame position visible in the transition. You need to have a simotanious edge change and earlier engagement of your skis in your turns. You are also over-flexing your outside ankle in the bottom of the turn, causing the tail to wash and hip to drop back. I do like your overall stance and relaxed, flexed joints.

What to work on--
Keep your outside leg extended through the turn.

Softly open your ankle joint on the outside as you extend your leg (this will help to keep your hip from dropping back and keep the ski engaged in the snow).

Enter your new turn by flexing your old outside leg and balance by extending your new outside leg to move your hips over both skis for a clean release (and simotanious) and re-engagement.

From there, keep the skis working toward the fall line, in the fall line and then away from the fall line (to form a C shape turn).

I suspect that what I can see in the video also is visible in your demos (wedge turn, wedge christie. open track P.).

I suggest you work with a LIII or staff trainer on this before going to the exam. You do have time to make these adjustments in your skiing before the exam if you make the effort. If you arn't able to hook up with the above mentioned, PM me if you are interested in my on-snow help. I am a LIII and staff trainer at my resort.

Best of luck!

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Was there a "task" at hand or are you just making a few runs for the camera? What I see is a quick turn and a long straight transition. Little bit of "A" framing. Cause? not releasing both edges at the same time and a lack of movement across the skis and down the hill. It's almost like the camera "freeze up" syndrome.
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Thanks for the considerable notes.
Also got the same general info from 2 others.
I appreciate your offer of coaching. I will be able to get some time at my home mt. w/ our examiner SSD.

I'll be going to Okemo for the 20th and 21st exam. I think a half day or so there on the 19th will be good for me to get the feel of the mountain & conditions.

It's been a long time ago but I used to get some great time skiing w/ Dick W. & Alex S. Bill H. all via ASIA. (My intro to ski teaching).
Friends of yours I suppose!
Thanks Again!

Thanks for the input! I've gotten similar input from another L3 friend.
Just a couple of runs for the camera.
I don't think there was any camera freeze-up
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Best of luck on the exam. Dick has retired from his day job and has moved to Vail where he is teaching. Alex I see about 1 day a week at the mountain.

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So, how'd ya do?
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Close, but no cigar!
It was a great experience though. Perfect conditions and I felt like I skiied my best.
Better performance next time!
Thanks for your interest.
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Sorry to hear. I never commented on your skiing as you posted the videos back a week or so but I think you have many good things going and that you only need a few on snow lessons with a good instructor to become much much better.
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