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188 Stormrider Schmidts - too long?

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Hey y'all,

I'm trying to figure out my ski situation after wreaking havoc on my old XPs this season and then taking out some old powertracs only to remember why I put them down in the first place - they're destroyed. So... to find a new pair!

I'm a (now ex ) racer, 6' 180#, I ski everything and do it generally pretty fast. I'm used to race stock GS and SL skis, and I can bend a ski just fine. For reference, I demoed some AC4s in a 177 this past weekend at Snowbird and Alta, and had a good time on them, but I would have liked a longer radius and a narrower tail (it felt a little too much like a slalom cut for an all mt ski).

I found a pretty good deal on some scott schmidts in a 188, and I'm wondering how 'big' they ski - I know they're a stockli and therefore presumably ski like a GS board, but not all stiff skis are created equal. I've searched around and can't find too much about them... There is a definite appeal to a big black and yellow stockli under my feet, though, I have to say! sweet lookin' skis...

Anyway, let me know what y'all know about them, and whether or not I'll be able to rip'em in tight spaces. Not that you've ever seen me ski, but....

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not to much at alta and snowbird but most other places you would be better served by something else.

My friend has these in a 178 but he is 5'5 and 140lb and a close to demo team member. He loves them.
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Thanks bushwacker... I'd be mostly using these out west... maybe exclusively. I still have some race stock slaloms around, and if I end up skiing on the east coast a decent amount (this season, even though I'm in philly, I'll have done only ~10% of my skiing in the east), I'll find some good east coast skis. These'd be for some good ripping out west, and I'm not too concerned about finding places to use them in the east.... I took a redeye back from utah last night - it's possible that my posts are wholely incoherent. Hope this one made sense.
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Go for it then, only place I could see problems is bumps but who buy skis like this and willing skis bumps anywho. I say Gs turn/ double them if I was on that ski.
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I'm 5'7", 175 lbs, 24 y.o skied since I could walk. I ski the 188s.

I really love these. I had 5 seasons on 185 rossi XXXs before this one, and was ready for something stiffer and longer. These certainly are, and sure it takes more effort to get the best out of them - but man it's worth it. Stability at speed is not an issue, nor grip on hard snow and ice. Answering your question, they work fine for me in tighter areas as well. With your background it really shouldn't be a problem.

However, it's not a powder ski. It's too stiff and narrow for the deepest days imho (knowing some people here have 175 cm skis that aren't as wide as their 'powder ski', so opinions vary a bit...). For powder days I use the 193 Sanouk. If you're after one ski to do everything then perhaps SS isn't the best choice. Anyway, this wasn't what you were asking for so I'll stop here.
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Thanks for the advice, guys! I found that Dawgcatching actually had a pair of 777s in just the right length for me (184), so I got me a pair of those for a much better deal than the stocklis. I'm vaguely sad not be putting a huge pair of stockli's on my feet, but I'll get over it as soon as the really sweet looking green elans arrive!

Maybe next year I'll chase down a pair of stocklis for wreaking havoc on

Thanks again!
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Good choice with the m777, but the SS's would have been fine too. Actually, they a very very similar skis....the M777 being a bit narrower, and a bit softer in flex in the middle. Ski them in the east too, btw.
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Once you start skiing Stockli's you will love em...awesome ski's, very well constructed.
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Originally Posted by Glytch View Post
but I'll get over it as soon as the really sweet looking green elans arrive!
Oh yeah....

They ski nice too.
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