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Short slalom choices

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Hi everyone,

It's end of season bargain time again. I'm looking for some advice on a pair of short radius skis for our local hill. I've found a good deal on Fischer WC SC and Atomic SL9, but length choices are limited, and there's no chance for demos, so I'd like to get some feedback before I make a rash decision I'll regret.

I'm 44, 5'9", 215lbs, level 7 skier who skis the East exclusively. Currently ski on 05 Fischer RX8 in 170. I love these skis. They've made such a difference in my skiing the last couple of years, and made me know and appreciate the feel of a well carved turn. This is especially true on a big hill, but I find myself wishing for a smaller turn radius on our little local hill, which is why I'm thinking about getting a pair of short slalom/slalom carver type skis.

I've found a good deal on 06 WC SC in 150 or 155 and 07 SL9 in 150 or 160. I demoed the SL9 about 4 years ago in 170, which I'd now consider too long. I liked it back then but found it a little tiring, but my skiing has improved a lot since then. It seems based on Keelty's review of this seasons SL9 that the versatility of the ski is not what it was back then. I know very little about the WC SC, but based on my experience with the RX8 would think that it might be a good option, but maybe 155 would be too short for me?

I'd appreciate the communities thoughts on these skis especially, or maybe other options.

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I have the WC SC in a 165. I'm about your height, but a lot lighter. I would not want to go any shorter than 160 because of fore-aft balance issues when skiing fast through variable snow, piles of slush, smallish bumps, etc. I don't think you will see all that much difference between the RX8 at 170 and the WC SC at 160. I also think you could just tip those RX8s up on edge to a higher angle, but if you want something that's easier to make small turns on then go for a 160cm ski, but one with a smaller sidecut radius than the WC SC.
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I ski an older 2004? SL9 at 160cm. I'm 6' 240lbs. Plenty of edge grip, lots of tight turns...
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