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Suggestions on where to base a CO trip

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OK so my daughter and I are most likely heading west 4/7 for four or five nights. Plan was originally Whistler then switched to Tahoe/Mammoth and now thinking CO. Reason for the switch is lodging fell through at Whistler and I with the recent warm temps (and more to come) I think CO altitude is a plus over both locations. Plus I was able to find cheap airfare to DEN. Daughter is a very good skier and can ski all blues and most blacks that aren't nutty steep or bumpy. Same for me as a matter of fact!

We will have a rental car. Plan is to base ourselves in either Breck at the Thunder Mountain Lodge or Avon/Beaver Creek at the Sheraton Vista Resort. Both places within $100 of each other total. Any thoughts as to these two properties? The TML is by the Breck connect gondola and the SVR is right off I-70 in Avon 1 mile from BC and 5 miles from Vail.


Fly into DEN late Sat night...sleep over at DEN airport hotel which will hopefully help acclimate to the altitude. Up early Sun and drive west and hit Loveland. Then drive to either Breck or Avon and check in four the next three nights. If Breck...then hit Breck/Vail/Copper. If at Avon hit Beaver Creek/Vail and Copper. Redeye home on Wednesday night with flight leaving 11:30 pm. Obviously snow conditions/storms could dictate change in above ski area visits.

I know Avon is a little further from DEN but any preference between the two locales? I know Breck is probably a better town but what location is more convenient? Also any thoughts as to TYPICAL conditions in early April? I know Summit County is a bit higher than Vail/BC but all mountains should be open when we are there.

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I think it's a toss up. Conditions will be fine either place, so that's not a worry. I'll be in Vail the 1st week in April and it will be my 4th trip there that time of year. Conditions have always been great with some new snow at least a few days during my stay.

That said, I'd cast my vote for Vail/BC because the last thing I want to do on a ski vacation is spend a lot of time driving between resorts. Vail has more terrain than you can ski in 3 days and that's before you throw BC in the mix. If I were going to stay at Breck, I'd skip Vail and ski Breck, Copper, and either Keystone or A-Basin for my last day. They are all with a short drive (20 min. max) of one another.
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First, everyone will have snow so that's not a concern. Do you like spring conditions? Personally I love corn and slush and BC has more than anywhere else in the lower elevation sections (Arrowhead, Bachelor Gulch). This time of year you can have spring one day and winter the next which leads to ice on the colder days. If you're looking for winter snow the Summit resorts are higher but even that's no guarantee.

Secondly, you mention the cost of things a few times. Even if you found the same price lodging in Avon as Breck, Vail/BC just costs more. It's going to be more expensive to eat, park, etc.

Finally don't get too hung up on where you stay. You can drive from A-basin to BC in less than an hour and that's as far apart as it gets.

Spring in CO is a crapshoot. I guess I was spoiled by years of skiing the Sierra with one great spring day after another. When it's good here it's really good, but just not every day. Be flexible.
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Originally Posted by Coach13 View Post
I think it's a toss up. Conditions will be fine either place, so that's not a worry.
The elevation difference between Breck and Vail makes a huge difference in spring conditions. And if you could see how fast snow is melting in Breck right now you wouldn't be so sure about April conditions in Vail this season.

Breck is reporting a 62" base while Vail is at only 45". Every day that we have these near 60 degree temps that difference is going to widen significantly. These are below average bases and now we have record high temps as well.
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We will get more snow by then. Storms coing back next week. Can get huge dumps in late March and April. Breck is the farthest west of the Mt's, but still only one hour to A-Basin or Loveland. Breck/Frisco more central with BC only about 40 minutes from Frisco, a bit more from Breck. If you are more central more choices of Mt's within shorter drive. I prefer A-Basin > BC, Vail, Copper, Keystone > Breck (need someone with knowledge of Breck to show me around some time) All are fun Mt's and have great skiing even late season, but I also love corn and soft bumps.
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