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Salomon Falcon fit ?

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After buyin Head S9's (29.0) and finding them too roomy (instep, bad advise from the boot-sellers...), tried a pair of Salomon Falcon 9's today, 28.5 size.
Thing is: couldn't compare with the Heads, but the guy in the shop told me that the Falcons are about the tightest fitting boots out there. True ?

Thing is: I could still lift my heel...

My foot: normal forefoot width, high arch but kinda skinny (small rearfoot and instep).

So the questions:
-anybody who can give feedback on the Falcons ?
-will the fit be much tighter than de S9's ?
-can buy the Falcon 9's for 300$: competitive price ?

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Try em all.

Take a look at Atomic. They gave me a snug heel, but lacked the performance of the Falcon. Actually, I should say I didn't like the boot that much. I never skied it.

Try a variety of models.
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Originally Posted by Pieter View Post
Athat the Falcons are about the tightest fitting boots out there. True ?
not THE tightest, but one of

Originally Posted by Pieter View Post
Thing is: I could still lift my heel...

when you point your toe and lift your heel? (you always will be able to in ANY boot, in any size, and WHY are you doing that when you are skiing anywasy?) or when you flex forward in the boot? (as if you are skiing)

what was the shell fit like? 1cm behind the heel?

nice boot if it fits you, $300 is a great price, but if it is not the right boot it is worthless
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New Falcon 10 owner

I just switched from Lange to the Falcon 10 this year and I love them. But, I didn't get a perfect fit right out of the box. My instep is high, so I needed a low volume custom foot bed. Don't go with Superfoot (too much volume but otherwise a great custom footbed) and especially don't go with Surefoot (I never even skied with mine). I got a footbed from a company out of SLC but I don't recall the name.

Initially, the fit might be tight at the top of the foot over the instep. It is also tight around the ankle. Don't be afraid to get a size that is true to your shoe foot size (If you wear a size 10, a size 10 may be right). The key, with this boot is not how much space you have in front of your toes. The key is if your ankle is locked down and doesn't move forward or doesn't move up much when buckled.

I got a boot true to my shoe size and I'm very happy. It's a whole size larger than what I had previously with my Lange 130s. Not only is the boot more comfortable, it has superior performance. The fit is key. It is a bit tight for me, but I used a good bootfitter who knew that the low volume footbed was the key. They also recommended I go for a smaller size based on the space in front of my toes, but I declined. I knew my ankle was locked down. Now I ski with the lightest of buckle pressure and feel a performance improvement over the Langes which I cranked closed with a torque wrench. It's not that the Lange's are bad boots. It's all about the fit and the Falcon's fit me better (when I got them in my true shoe size).

Good luck.
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dances: glad your falcons worked out, but most people I see do better in a 1cm shell fit and that is usually 1-2 sizes smaller then shoe size.

might be due to your high instep that you can go with that size (instep helps hold your foot back in the boot?)

I fit a 8.5 shoe and could not ski in a 26 boot, I have the 25, but agian if it works for you great.
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I have narrow heels, can attest that Falcons are pretty tight in back. If they don't work, higher end Langes are generally seen as the narrowest boots out there...
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ive tried on the falcons RACE BOOT and found it to be pretty comparable to my lange world cup 150 plugs although i feel my langes are a little narrower in the footbed. when tryin on the falcons, i dropped a full size from street shoe... but i also needed some work done (heel lifts and such to get a good proper fit)
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