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Home boot modification

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I've got this one spot on my foot that sticks out a little oddly. It's on the outside (of both feet) where the largest bone of the little toe connects to the main foot bones. In other words, it's the largest joint (knuckle?) on the outside edge of the foot near the front.

If you want to get a little technical, it would be the dorsal phalangal-metatarsal joints.

Anyway, after a couple days of skiing, this particular joint hurts pretty badly from pushing into the boot shell. I marked the liner and know the exact spot on the shell where this happens.

Has anyone attempted to push out a tiny portion of boot at home? I'm thinking I'd take a heat gun to the spot while pushing out from the inside with a large ball bearing or bolt or something similar.
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bring it to the shop that you purchased from
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Yeah, they said it would be a couple hundred bucks.

I'm not that excited about that
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I have a bunion on my right foot. My bootfitter cut an X in that spot on the outside of my liner. He then held the spot opne & covered with a piece of duct tape.
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Find a new shop. I have the same problem, have a bump out done on all my boots, and it costs about $30. The right tools are about $400. I did a tread on it a few years ago.

edit:here it is
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boot punch is about $20-30 for both boots

try again at another store
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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post
boot punch is about $20-30 for both boots

try again at another store
Wow, OK. Thanks.

I'll put away the heat gun
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Shave the bone down with a rasp
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Originally Posted by XJguy View Post
Shave the bone down with a rasp
I can't tell you how many times I've thought about forcing an orthopaedist to cut a piece off the bone
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I have a bunion on my right foot.... I told my bootfitter about it, he lined up on the shell where it needed stretched... He stretched the shell, packed the liner a bit, and removed some excess elastic near the base of the tongue of my boot... $15.90

If it's painful from hitting the shell, just get it punched enough to 'fit'... if it's tender due to it being a deformity (like my bunion is), you need it stretched a little more... a good bootfitter should be able to handle it.. and definitely for less than $30.

Don't let him talk you into any unnecessary mods...

On the other hand, if you have a low arch, a green superfeet insole will help.. it raises the arch and essentially makes the foot narrower... If they have some demo insoles at the shop, try that out, too...

If an insole will fix it, why bother punching out every pair of boots you get when you can use 1 set of insoles in any pair of boots.
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Oh, and as far as boot modifications go for a tender deformity, it's a waste of time... I spent hours on end trying to create myself an orthotic to releieve the pressure on my bunion.... $15 and (almost) painless... need to get them stretched a *little* farther back.. they aren't 100%... maybe 95%...
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After some research on bunions, it looks like what I have is probably a tailor's bunion or bunionette.

Fortunately, it doesn't normally hurt. It does hurt after I've been banging it on the inside of a ski boot for a couple of straight days. I figure if I let it keep doing that it'll only get worse.

I'll consider some Superfeet too. I'll see what the bootfitters say when I take the boots in.

Thanks guys.
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Mine immediately hurt as soon as I put my boots on.... Then got worse as the day progressed... I could ski a few days straight, but it was painful.

I got Superfeet, some actual ski socks (been rockin' the cotton), and a boot punch.. the insoles helped, but not a lot... Since I got the boot stretched, My foot doesn't hurt until the very end of the day.. I can ski all day without even knowing it's there... Very Very good investment of $15.
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You have a bunion and at any shop it should cost about $20 per boot to punch and take about 15 minutes.
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15 minues? I had to leave my boots for a whole day... Fitter said they had to slowly heat the boots to temperature, stretch the plastic, and let it cool back to room temp....

Either way... a weekday without boots usually isn't a tragedy.
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Sorry for not being clear... he only heated it in 1 spot.
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Originally Posted by jonnythan View Post
I can't tell you how many times I've thought about forcing an orthopaedist to cut a piece off the bone
Me too, but they tell me the only way to fix a tailors bunion is to cut the bone in half and reset it at a different angle. Better in six months!

The punched out boots work fine.
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My bootfitter stretched the toe box in my Beast's in about 15 minutes. Showed me every step from heating the shell to putting the hydraulic press thing in and stretching and then waiting for things to cool more cramping across my right forefoot. They should not heat the whole boot (unless they're trying to enlarge the entire boot!!!????). Only heat the part that needs to be stretched...otherwise they wind up stretching the boot in 2 spots rather than one.

The 'art' comes in knowing how much to stretch and for how long....too much stretch and you'll have too much room or bring the shell onto the top of the foot...causing discomfort there. Too little and you're no better off than before. Easy to say, likely hard to do well. I'm guessing grinding out spots in the boots is similar...the thing with modifying is that there ain't no reset button. Hence...purchase the boots locally from a shop that guarantees the fit. If they really screw it up, they should replace the boot(s) for you. If you screw it up, you're SOL.

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where did you get the work done?
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