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3/18-19 Kton and MRG - Page 2

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The weather says clear tonight up there and it did clear up in the end of the day so I would say head up and over 17....
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Hey Phil wish I could have met up with ya. Sunday was one of the best ski days I've ever had, including and 18inch dump in Utah. Saturday was amazing a well. Worth the 6+ hr drive up from Boston. Unfortunately my business partners dad passed on Sunday night and I had to come home. Enjoy.
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Monday at MRG was great. We hit some freshies in the woods pouched some off the map stuff with a buddy. The Chute was perfect bumps and a blast to ski. Again, we didn't take too may pics, we were busy.
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I took some pics on Saturday and Sunday.
Hope this link to the Kodak Gallery works:
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Sorry, I didn't call you on Sunday Stache, I left my phone back at my in laws. And besides..there are no frineds on powder days and Sunday was the powder day to end all powder days.
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No Problem, I wasn't answering! Although we did look for ya but alas not at the 10:00 agreed time. Saturday we parked at Bear (and she earned her T-Shirt) cause the Skyeship base wasn't plowed. Sunday we parked at Skyeship base.
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