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Im getting low on my supply of Dominator Zoom Hydro Universal. I'm wondering if I should replace it with the Dom Zoom Graphite? Any opinions pro/con? I'm well satisfied with the Zoom, but I'm not old enough to discount something different .
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Check out the Maplus Wax test thread regarding universal wax results.
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I've used both a lot and have been happy with them. I tend to use the graphite with older snow and the non-graphite with fresher snow.

Honestly I can't say that I've tested them or compared them to other things (for example the Maplus) I've just used them and been happy.

I ran out recently and have been using some Swix CH7 and CH10 I have around and they seem fine too.

I'm no wax expert, just use something that seems like it will work, also to protect my bases (or should I say to cover my bases )
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Been using HyperZoom for years. I know it's expensive. But the glide is great.

Try Hertels web site for a big block of Super Hot Sauce, it's almost as good.
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I sell loads of Zoom in the UK & found it to be the best uni wax (due it's wide operating temperature range) for us Brit flatlanders who have to wax prior to travelling to Europe or N.America without knowing the specific conditions.

When waxing customers skis I use the purple base renew & the Lime uni to avoid any base staining from the graphite versions so I use the same versions on my skis. It's also easier to see that you have full base coverage & that you've then scraped it all off than the black graphite versions on black bases.

I haven't done a std v graphite test but Dominator say that the graphite version is a tad quicker due to the anti static properties of the graphite.

And I've never had anyone one out glide me yet.
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I have never tried the graphite. I have thought about it from time to time, but just never remember to buy it and try it. I either don't know what I'm missing or it really doesn't matter.

I'm not big on stone grinds either, I only have it done every 50 or days, maybe.
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Some people use the graphite for old snow only or very wet conditions. Others use graphite as a renew for specific ski bases- black bottoms and never like the look of the black wax impregented into lighter colored ski bases- only black.

It could be something to think about.
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My skis have black and white bottoms and although the graphite looks horrible while it's drying, I find it all scrapes off and leaves no discoloration.
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