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So anyone else picking out new skis already?

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Have to say all my Mtn Biking this summer has me very ready to hit the slopes. Guess it's an adreneline thing. Have my eye on some XXX's but need to talk with Rossi rep and see if anything new and exciting will be available before my big trips....Any chance for a late August dumping anywhere?!?! (yeah I wish too....)
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If you plan on buying Atomic race skis this year ......... I would not be in a rush .............


Speed does not kill, the difference in it does...
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Yep - as always, whatever they'll give me for free!
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Bright shiny pair of the Atomic 10.EX already standing up in the corner. Oh so pretty.

Bring It
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I kinda loaded up last year. I'd like an Atomic 9.12 or 11.12 or something, but I got some P40 SL Carvers last year.

Might get a Carver Motion though.
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so, pierre eh, ARE skis getting better every year?
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consider them picked ...

Volant 69s, shiny bright.
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Altabound was kind enough to provide mine (Mod X's)... now I get to sit and stare at them until the first snow.
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Parked my new boards in the corner -
K2 Axis Pro 188
Volkl G3 191

My Fats - Volkl G4s on the way!

Will retire my SnowRangers this year and use last year's thrashed MXPs for early season rock skis.

Headin to Hood tomorrow for some turns..just gotta get some!
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got my replacements from Salomon for "cosmetic stress" cracks. does that count?

I would love to try those equipe 3v shorties...
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On the hit list
k2 Axis Pro 195cm
Volkl G4 198cm
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The AK Rockets are in the corner waiting for snow and the Crossmax 10s are on order.
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I will be getting 2 pairs of AK Launchers, one in a 165, and one in a 180. I plan on using the 180's only if the 165s prove too short for every day skiing. I doubt it. If K2 makes the AK Enemy in a lenght shorter than 188, then I will get that instead. I already have a brand new pair of next years Enemys in a 173, that will be my main ski. For rocks, I have a pair of 174 Mod X's I did not really ski much last year, and a pair of 180 Jerry Launchers. I will also get either the Work Stinx or Piste Pipe for Tele.
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I have a pair of 175 Pocket Rockets on order for my 20 year old son which I'll get to swipe when he's not skiing. Personally, I am looking for a pair of mid-fats but won't make a decision until I try out the new Volkl G3s (the K2 Axis Pro is currently what I am leaning towards).
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the report from the people I know who have tried both the 3v and 2v is, if you plan to GS get the 2v. with input from the skier it is a great short and long turner but if you plan to stay on the SL course only get the 3v. Apparently the 2v is more stable at "hair on fire" speeds and does quite well on the SL course but the 3v although quicker edge to edge doesn't take to the speeds of GS quite as well. Since I don't race but want a super quick edge to edge, and have always skied the 3s (in the prolinks and 9000 equips) and liked them more than the 2s and 1s I'm told I will most likely prefer the 3v. I gotta try them this year.
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I tried the 3v and 2v in France. 3v in 168 and 2v in 180(1,2?). The 3v is pretty versatile. I was quite surprised in 4" of soft wet snow - they loved it. The 2v's had the saloman race plate on them. Loved going fast, handled transition from packed powder to slush with ice underneath with no problem.
The 2v's have a narrower tip than tail which is somewhat unusual. They're very powerful from the middle to the end of the turn. I'd need to demo other gs skis to decide but certainly 180ish is the size. I hear the Rossi gs ski is amazing - way better than the past 2 years.
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I am trying to swear off new equipment this season. Last season I bought a new pair of Fischer RC-4 WC SC short slalom skis which I like a lot.

On a recent trip to Japan I took some time to check out a lot of the new gear which is already available there. A lot of cool looking stuff. Even Volkl's graphics look pretty decent this year.

Intrestingly, (to me anyway) Both Fischer and Raichle Flexon Comp's (now badged Flexon Pro-T) are carried by many of the shops I visited in Tokyo in contrast to the their comparative scarceness in the USA.
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I'm set on equipment. I have a pair of X-Screams with less than 30 days on them. A pair of SuperMountains with less than 60 days on them. My boots have 45 days on them. I have a couple of pairs of graphite poles still in the shrink wrap. Clothing and accessories should be good to go too.

My girlfriend's still waiting for the pair of Salomon Crossmax 8's I promised her for her birthday last April. That's what she decided she liked after demoing a half dozen skis last winter.
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I'm getting the XXX's to have a better well rounded quiver this year. I got a pair of 9.22 SL last year and loved them...until I hit the deep stuff. So, the XXX's should give me some toys for the pow and the 9.22's for quicky play boards. Now to plan some trips that will have the deep stuff...
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I just scored a pair of 2000/2001 194 Dynastar Bigs.Also got a pair of Rossi freeride 140 bindings to put on them.YEHEE bring on the POW.
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Hey Phil,
Those Epics are on my list...so aren't the newer Speed_SXs (dynastar)..have your wife try em' if she hasn't...the ease at which those SXs can carve a short-rad turn on the steeps(not to mention flats..)is pretty addictive...although the better mid-fats have to be the most versatile...and their *rides* are not supposed to be bland..anymore.
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I'm a big fan of the Rossi Bandit line. I already have this years XXX's that I got in March of last year, so I'll be getting a back up pair and a new pair of double XX's.
Pray for snow everyone!!!!!!!
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I've got a pair of Elan HCX's coming and my name on a pair of their hot new GS ski.
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Considering a pair of quick, hard snow/fall line carving skis to complement my wider all-terrain skis. Want to demo the new K-2 Mach 1's, Fischer RC4 Race SC's, Atomic Beta Carve 9.12's, and Volkl P50 SL Carvers, all around 160-165 cm. Anybody got personal experience with any of these? Feedback?<FONT size="1">

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2 pairs of new Stormriders on the way for me. One for alpine, one for tele. These are going to be a great complement to the 'roids.

Mike, think about adding the Stockli SC to your list. You'll enjoy.
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I'm picking up a pair of Axis X's as soon as I can decide on the length. I probably should demo both lengths first but I spent all last season demoing skis and I want to pull the trigger NOW.
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Brand new Atomic 9.20 Race waiting impatiently for opening day.....Hope it's another epic year for snow in the northeast.

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A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."

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gs: want to try: Volkl p50 f1 rail
Rossi gs ski
Fischer gs
Elan if I can find it
all around 180cm

slalom: Volkl
Stockli Laser Sc
size around 165cm
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Yes, I found a new pair of 2001 Salomon 1080's on sale for $180 dollars. I am going to go grab them up tomorrow.
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