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sugar daddy skis

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Anybody out there skiing atomics sugar daddy skis?I'm thinking of buying a powder ski at seasons end and want some input.I'm an east coast skier but go out west once a year(i'm tired or renting)and looking for something floaty in powder but also handles hard pack and groomers when theres lack of powder.Also, any difference in this years to last years models?Let me know if you have any other prefences,thanks
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Hey bruno, there are some reviews in the ski area review forum. I have the Sugar Daddy and have had the chance to ski a number of competing models. I use the SD for pretty much every day skiing, not just powder. Maybe tell us something about yourself, where you ski and we can help you find what you are looking for. Um...season's end is upon us and markdowns have reached 50% They won't get much better, and desirable skis will sell out pretty quick at these discounts.

I have the 07 SDs with the wood grain kind of finish. The top sheets are really durable, the bases can handle a few rock hits. I don't think there is a lot of difference from previous models in terms of flex or construction.
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sugar daddy skis

OK i'm 5'9",approx.165-170lb (weight goes up and down),advanced skier and mostly ski eastcoast resorts(killington,sundayriver).Mostly packed powder or groomers but occasional powder days after big storms.Got hit with about 30in. in a weeks span.Can go awhile without big dumps but do go out west once a year,thats why i'm contemplating getting fatties.
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Bruno, if you have concerns about their utility, at your size I can understand. IMO it takes a bigger or faster skier to bend these things into a carving arc, especially on harder snow. FWIW, I went by one of those $30/shot photographers the other day on a groomer. Here is how those SD183 skis bend. under a big guy LINK1 LINK2,

If I were you, I would seriously look at the Volkl Gotama in a 175. Even though its wider, it has a softer tail to finish turns and will make absolutely amazing RR tracks in the soft groomers, and you know what they will do in pow. If you want a little straighter line and higher speed go for the 183, but this ski is very forgiving IMO. For a more versatile ski with the same lightweight construction (and your best fit), try the Snoop Daddy with an 88 mm waist.
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i would get the 183 volkl gotamas.

I bought some (have owned 173 and 183) sugar daddies and I dont have enough weight(I weigh 170) to ski the 183 SD in resorts everyday and the 173 I had balance issues with it. Let alone ski the 183ski back east.

If I had wide open slopes where I could use G-force to pressure the ski all the time its would be among the best skis I have ever owned. It flat out kills it at high speed charging runs in untrack powder, corn, and groomers. I dont live in that world though.

The Volkls have almost as high of speed range as the SDs but with the more round and softer flex my skinny ass can keep in balance alot easier on bumpier/tighter terrain. The type of terrain I prefer most. Also the volkls are more durable than the SDs.
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Just one gal's experience from the other extreme: i am 5'5" and weigh 115 lbs. I ski the SD and love it. grips on hard snow like an atomic should. light and easy to hike with. floats powder and slush. i ski them short so they are easy in the trees and i have no trouble with them in soft bumps. note the word soft.

Still, if these are the only skis you travel with and you do not have the luxury of timing your trips to the snowfall, remember that even in the Wonderful West, we have days of hard pack and rocks. So if they are your only ski for trips West, you might want to go a bit more 'all mountain'.
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Thanks guys and gals,great advice,my buddie also said volkl but he recommended mantras,177's.Seemed a bit heavy but he swears by them.
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Don't exclude the Snoop Daddys, little less under foot (88). Speaking 1st Hand, Quite light & such a Delight!
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I have a Gotama, a Mantra, and a Sugar Daddy in my quiver but if it were an all day/every day kind of thing........I'd also suggest the Snoop or possibly the new '08 Nomad Crimson.

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What about a dynastar 8800?
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I'm a big fan of my 183 SDs.
I'm also 6-0, 200lbs.
I used them for the first time a few weeks ago at Jackson Hole and they were awesome.
True to their heritage, they charge everything. Powder, crud, hardpack, you name it, they want to excellerate.
If you're willing to pay attention, let them go, and just enjoy the speed you'll love them.
If, however, you want to coral them and carefully pick your way down, look elsewhere. At least that was my experience.
BTW, make sure the bindings are mounted at center or farther foreward or you can find yourself in the backseat alot.
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Originally Posted by bruno View Post
What about a dynastar 8800?
Also a very good choice. I didn't mean to exclude several really good skis in the mid-high 80's just seconding the suggestion for the Snoop since this was primarily an Atomic thread.

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