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Okemo Demo day

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I'm 5'11" 190lbs ski pretty well (level 9) and alot.

Conditions Okemo had hero snow.

Volkl AC30 170cm, yea I'm a Volkl guy. Love these skis. From the first push off to the lift I knew these were better then my loved AX3's and AC4's. My first thought was great tune.

Got off the Solitude lift and these skis seemed to know what I was thinking. As soon as I thought turn they did. I could ski them slow and easy and then lay them over on edge down the face and they would rocket off as steady as any race ski. In the big soft bumps they were as easy to ski as the AX3's. If your looking for a great everyday ski this is it.

Rossi Z11 162cm stiff arms. WOW these things really ROCK. To much fun for a everyday ski. I don't think my legs could stand this much fun for a whole day. Ski did everything well. I just couldn't stop cranking turns. Short, medium or long these thing's rock. Didn't seem a instant as the AC30. But I'm being real picky here. I don't think most could tell the difference.

Atomic Nomad Blackeye 172cm very capable ski didn't wow me other then the fact that Atomic has found the Volkl feel. If someones looking for a do anything ski the is forgiving and very comfortable this is the ski for you. Will do what you ask of it and not complain. After I skied this I talked with my Atomic rep buddy, I told him what I felt and he said that was what they were trying to get with this ski. They did a great job. A ski for the masses that want a ski and not worry about it. Think of it as a Honda Accord and Toyota Camery.

Salomon Cylcone 168cm I think. One trick pony. Rep told me it was a HP carver. First slow turns were blarrrr, then I remembered what he told me. HP carver,Yep that's what is does. Loves to be on high edge and cranking medium to long turns. Great edge hold.

Rossi Mutix 165cm short/long arms. Didn't like this, couldn't wait to get them off my feet. My PSIA III friend loves hers long/short arm, but I also tune them for her.

Elan Magfire 12 172cm heavy feel, good ski, very capable, did everything well I just don't like to carry a heavy ski. Good feel on the snow, good in bumps.

Elan Magnum 168cm I think, to stiff could wait to bring them back.

Elan Magfire 10 168cm I think. To soft for me, could get them to do anything. Took them back and told the guy these suck, he said there to soft for you. I agree.

Salomom Tornado 170cm may have been the tune but they felt a bit grippy in front of the binding. Must be a good ski, there are a lot of them around Okemo.

Volkl Tigershark 12 168cm. another wow me ski. Skied it the first half of Exhabition with the switch off. First thought's wow, let's try it stiffer. WOW this thing rocks. I even liked it in the bumps on stiff. Great edge hold same as the my other likes here.

That's one thing most of these skis that I liked have in common Great edge hold. Even better then I remember from last years demo day.

Didn't get a chance to ski the AC40 some bonehead took them out and kept them for 5 hours.

Buddy's got to ski it and said I need to ski it before I buy the AC30. One is on AC4's, Salomon GC's, B5's and one is Dynastar 8000's and K2 Outlaws for a fat ski for the east.
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post
Didn't get a chance to ski the AC40 some bonehead took them out and kept them for 5 hours.
I hate when that happens. It happened to SKiDiva at Steamboat with the S5.

Good reviews though.
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