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I went to Devil's Head Ski Resort near Madison, WI this past Saturday. It was a balmy 50 F and I thought we'd be needing water skis initially, but the conditions weren't that bad, that too for the MidWest. It was slushy, of course, but as you can see in the video, we still had an quite a bit of fun.

I've gotten a few friends from work to hit the slopes for the first time ever this year and this is only the second time skiing for half our group, who's learning pretty quickly. We plan to make a trip out to CO next season.

Devil's Head is actually a decent resort for the MidWest (500 ft vertical). It's got real terrain, I feel; not just trails heading straight down the hill. The runs are decently long enough that you can actually set some rhythm. There was however only one run on the far right where we could get enough speed to get the adrenaline flowing. And then I got my buddies to try the terrain park for the first time. It's all small jumps and lots of spills, but we had a blast. The only downside to the place is the 1971 built lift system. It's all 2 seaters with one 4 seater. I feel if they upgraded their lifts, business would be booming, cause they got a decent hill.

Once the sun went down and the temperatures dropped, it got icy real fast and falling was starting to hurt. I got scrapped on my hand pretty badly. Looks like a bear paw scrape.

The resort lodge area itself is pretty nice with a terrace for lunch and a big airy cafeteria with hearty chili and with good views of the slopes. The beer was also pretty cheap ($9 for a pitcher of local WI brew). Plus, they had a nice fire going outside - great place to meet people and relax.

I didn't think I'd have this much fun at a Mid-Western resort after skiing some of the big places out West, but helping my friends along and seeing them progress was a good feeling.

(shot using a Canon SD400 digital camera)