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Footbed For Flat Feet

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I have really flat feet and pronate . Had Sure Foot footbeds made years ago. I got new boots this year and was experiencing pinching in the heel. The new boots have a much tighter heel pocket. Dremmeling did little if anyting to reduce the pinching. Had a guy look at my footbed that has a very shallow heel pocket and tell me that my footbed was not supporting my heel causing more rubbing against the shell when my foot pronated when weighted.

Anyway, my wife just got some stock Super Feet footbeds for her jogging shoes that have a more pronounced and deeper heel pocket. I just slipped them into my ski boot liners and put my ski boots on and the heel pinching is gone. I feel almost no rubbing in the heel when I walk. It was excrutiating with the other footbeds.

I think she paid $30 for the Super Feet stock beds. So much for the conviction the custom foot bed would be superior to an off the shelf bed. To my relief I think the heel pain will be gone. Can't wait to ski and confirm.
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A custom foot bed is superior to an off the shelf bed. Don't kid yourself. Semi Custom footbeds are way better than stock foot beds or really old customs which is sound like you had. Footbeds semi custom or custom wear out over time. My super feet that I was using for the last couple of years are shot. So happy with the new customs I got made this past weekend.
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We'll see. The cheaper beds support my heel better because they have a deeper heel pocket. I'm confused why the Sure Foot bed didn't incorporate have a deeper pocket for a pronator.
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