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Big Sky next week

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The family and I will be at bridger the 18th and Big Sky the 20th thru 24th and I have been monitoring the web-cam and the little dark spots (rock bands) on lone peak apear to be getting bigger.

My question is why can't they do something about this? it is making me nervouse I want snow and lots of it. If they don't stop the little dark spots from getting bigger I will be a basket case by saturday when we leave. someone please stop the madness !!

on a side note hows bridger and big sky/ moonlight skiing and are they likely to hold up?
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As of this weekend both Bridger & Big Sky were skiing well. At Big Sky you can get from the tram to the major chutes (Marx, Lenin & Liberty Bowl) without any problems. The Lone Mountain bowl had good coverage on the south side as did the Rice Bowl. Unfortunately some of the runs are Challenger are getting skied down to rocks. Most of the groomers are holding up well. I'm not sure how things will be in a week with record heat predicted but I would expect the stuff of the tram to hold up as well as the snow in the bowls.

Bridger had great coverage this weekend, also. I would expect the upper mountain to be in good shape for your visit next week. Contact me later in the week and if my schedule works out I can show you around Bridger Sunday.
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