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I left out: driving glasses, mountain bike glasses and spares for emergencies.

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Goggles are definatly the cooler choice, except when snowboarders wear them driving down the hill, and around town.
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I will spare folks the brand and model list, but I do have a shelf in my office up on the mountain that must have 10-12 pairs of goggles on it. I look at the weather, think about what I'm going to be doing that day, if I want them to see my eyes or not and then pick between total dark and reflective to nearly totally clear.
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Generally goggles so my contacts don't get a dried out.
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Panoptx windless RX sunglasses unless it is snowing bigtime.
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Since my eyes are sensitive to bright sun, I usually ski in glacier glasses (Julbo Micropore) that are designed for high altitude and are quite dark. Great over 10,000 feet in bright sunlight. I use goggles when its really cold, windy, or overcast.
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I just got a pair of the Panotex windless sunglasses They are great for skiing except on heavy snow days.But still I wear Good old Smith goggles about 80% of the time. Can anybody tell me whats up with wearing your goggles to drive around town ?
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OTG goggles.
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A pair of vintage $5 Target store goggles from 1970. Fit over my glasses perfectly and not obnoxiously huge. I also have a pair of Smith OTG goggles, but the foam and padding turned to dust when I put them on again a few years ago.
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