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Goggles or sunglasses?

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Wondering what others wear, do you wear goggles or sunglasses exclusively, or do you break out the sunglasses during spring skiing, or stick to goggles all the time? I've personally collected more pairs of goggles than I care to admit at this point. It seems like I end up taking advantage of the off season sales every year, and end up with at least one new pair per season.

Also, do you wear just a universal colored lens or do you change up according to the conditions?
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goggles when it's seriously cold but I like sunglasses when ever possible
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Goggles for skiing, glasses for hanging out. My eyes water too much to ski in glasses.
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I mostly wear sunglasses, but that's because they are prescription. I have goggles with prescription lenses, but only clear ones. On extremely cold, sunny days, I'll wear dark goggles that just barely fit over my regular glasses (I hate OTG goggles). Living in the mid-atlantic states, that means only on rare occasion on vacations up norths or out west. I need Lasik!
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One of the main reasons I had LASIK surgery was becausze I hated skiing with prescription glasses. If you're curious, it was worth every penny just to ski without prescription glasses or with contacts that dried out. I, too, had those huge goggles to cover my glasses. Never again. Personally, I'm a sunglasses person now unless the weather is absolutely unbearable.
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When on Betty Patrol I don the Ultra-Cool shades. But when it's time to get serious then out come the gogs.Good up to 120 mph. You even look fast in the lift line.
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Sunglasses in the spring, but, uh, I just broke them in a face plant.

Landed face first in a mound of snow. All my weight landed on my face. I heard a snap and thought oh no, I broke my nose.

Didn't break anything except my sunglasses in 2 places, the bridge and the eyepiece. Each piece had a jagged plastic edge that traveled in the fall giving me evil villain face scratches. Got a black eye, too.

My lenses didn't shatter, fortunately.

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Goggles when it's COLD. Keeps the sinuses happy. And sunglasses when it's warm. I'd like to say that sunglasses make me look COOL, : but I know my better! Nothing that I could possible wear could make me look cool.
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Goggles (Oakley) if the light is not too strong, otherwise, sunglasses (Briko, with thrama lenses.
As a contact lenses wearer, I need fresh air, to make my eye water and avoid the lenses to dry (as it happened last time).
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HarryO said, Nothing that I could possible wear could make me look cool. Maybe if you didn't wear anything you would feel cool.
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Used to wear sunnies a lot but got some slimline Arnette goggles last winter and I will never wear sunnies again. The only problem is the funky tan lines you get. It makes it hard to take sickies to hit the snow without getting sprung the next day.
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Ahhhh whatever lets me perve...I mean ski... to the best of my ability
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helmet and OTG clear googles exclusively...my biking experience tells me that my eyes water at 30mph and they would be watering a lot while on the slopes. My glasses a photo sensitive so they help when it is bright.
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I've found that all sunglasses, even wrap-arounds, let enough wind in to make my eyes water at high speed. So I only wear them when working in the base area or something else involving low speeds, otherwises its always goggles.

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What Todd says.

I acquired a pair of those funky GAP kids aviator goggles\glasses for spring ... alas they will have to wait till Oz in August and next spring in US.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Goggles if snowing or very flat light.

Sunglasses when it's sunny. A "sunglasses solution" for a problem that several have mentioned-- I wear glacier glasses because the leather pieces on the side prevent the wind from whipping in and making your eyes water.
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Before I had my eyes LASIK'ed I wore my goggles most of the time or my contact lenses dried out too much on sunny days. In NZ I wear sunglasses if it is warm enough, helps prevent the tan lines/panda eyes. We don't have much ozone down here so is pretty easy to get a major ski tan here on sunny days.
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Gogg's only when I have to - rampaging or in crap weather or really cold. Otherwise sunny's - Adidas Sprocket are a good wrap and effective at high speed (although eyes do water a bit when really moving - worth it for the all-day ventilation, especially warm, though).

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Every day is a goggle day. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I prefer goggles out ov necessity, since I ski at speeds zat break ze sound barrier.

However for ze chair rides up, I switch over to sunglasses so I do not hef ze goggle mark zat can screw up scenes when shooting moofies.
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Prefer sunglasses - 20-year-old Oakley Blades (good for biking, too). But if the light is flat or it's snowing, I reluctantly switch to my standard-issue Smith goggles - now that I have a helmet, they're very comfortable. I used to ski a lot without either, but not anymore.
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So am I the only guy that wears red lens goggles during overcast flat light days and yellow on blue jay days?
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powderhound, Don't you find yellow lens on clear days alittle too bright? Red for flat light and smoke for clear days.
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agree with Todd. while my Boeri Shorty gives me better side wind coverage than just using a hat, I still prefer goggles unless I'm skiing very slowly (i.e. bumps all day or carve work on the blue groomers). My Zeal goggles with rose mirror lenses are great in the brightest of Montana sunny days.
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Goggles any time im skiing. I have two pairs of smith regulators, one is a yellow tinted triad regulartor and the other is an orange tinted regulator. They never fog, never ice, and my eyes never water. I wear my oakleys for when im hanging out at the bottom of the hill, side slipping a course, waiting for the start of a race... pretty much nothing that requires me to ski. My eyes water too much, and the goggles are nice for protection if you happen to hit something, or your fellow ski racers have taken a whole bunch of snow up on the ski lift and pelt you with snowballs as you slip the course underneath them...
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger:
I prefer goggles out ov necessity, since I ski at speeds zat break ze sound barrier.

However for ze chair rides up, I switch over to sunglasses so I do not hef ze goggle mark zat can screw up scenes when shooting moofies.

God, vot a bunch of gapers you are! :

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So far so good. Of course now I'll have to pick up a smoked pair at SNIAGRAB this year.
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Goggles no matter what. Usually the same pair, orange tinted Smith's that I've worn for two seasons. They are the key to seeing good on the hill. Sunglasses don't protect my eyes from the wind enough nor to they keep face shots out of my eyes. Sunglasses at the bottom of the hill if I remember to put a pair in my pocket.
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Oakley A frame goggles with black Iridium for bright days that start off cloudy/snowing, and I'll have the V28 Persimmon lens in for the cloud. (don't actually like these goggles any more, will probably change them for next year)

Oakley 20 glasses with Fire lenses for cloudy/low light but dry.

Cebe flying goggles for bright days that are dry

Oakley Juliets with blue Iridium lenses for bright spring conditions (i.e. when it's warmer)

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Oh. My. God.
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