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another "which ski" question - for true clydes

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Greetings. Nice forum.

Sorry to list another "which ski" question, but I'm ready to pull the trigger and need some help.

Me: 47 y/o 6'4 235 pounds, athletic - soccer, hoops, swim, cycle (road & mtb - Plattekill anyone?), lift, run - pretty strong legs, but still 47. Gave up skiing about 25 yrs ago (college - no time or $). Started this year again with swap shop gear - some way soft boots and very used 174 cm pointy tipped but still shaped Rossignol ("power"?) skis. They're very quick to carve and hold a nice edge (I'm getting the shaped ski methods), but at speed they're just not stable, even when I'm railing an edge. They're ok in soft packed snow, but on ice they hold an edge only under my foot, and the tip or tail chatters. I love carving and speed on the (sometimes double) black and blue (pun?) groomers, but go into the bumps and glades on occasion with friends.

The skiis I'm considering: Volkl allstar superspeed 182 (yeah, with the funky cut-out tips); Volkl allstar titanium 182; or Stockli Stormrider SS 188. Pretty similarly priced.

Thanks for the time. - Kelly
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Vastly different skis there. Unclear where you mostly ski, but Allstar will be your most versatile choice for groomed, Superspeed for Maching same, Stocklis for backside and crud. Be warned that none are exceptionally forgiving for someone who's been out of skiing for 20 years. Especially the Stockli.

Have you considered something like a Nordica Top Fuel, Volkl AC3, or a Head iM77? More versatile than any of the skis you've suggested, will hold up to a big guy, more forgiving.
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Man, it is like riding a bike, only easier (except for 20+ years of miles on my legs and a few more pounds). The equipment is just so hugely better - even the banana peel soft skiis I've been on this season. I was out yesterday in some soft hardpack just having a riot cutting it up, so I really don't think more time is going to make me a better skier. I'm sort of inclined toward the allstars, too - the Stockli and the superspeeds seem, from my reading of the reviewers, almost in the race ski niche. But always welcome more opinions. Thanks - Kelly
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I weigh more than you do and have been very happy with Fischers. I own a pair of RX6's (175's, I think), two pair of RX8's (165 and 170) and a pair of AMC 76's (176). there are lots of discussion points about these skis in different threads, but I have been happy with all of them except I would prefer not to take the RX8's in soft snow. The RX8's are terrific on eastern hardpack, and are my main ski. I let my son ski the 170's while I ski the 165's, which are more fun to ski than anything else I have tried.
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