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Daylight Savings Time

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I notice that the board shows the wrong times now for me. I could change my timezone setting, but should the software be adjusted for the change in DST that just occurred?
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I was thinking the same thing.

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the forum uses info from your computer along with the settings internally to time stamp your posts. Also there is a setting in your userCP to help the process along but Because not all countries or area's of the country use DST or are set properly, and the US in it's infinite wisdom decided to change the date we make the switch, we can not account for what is happening until everyone (all countries and states) are either on DST or not..

The forum server was synced to the national atomic clock and then pushed forward 1 hr (manually) with no automatic adjustments for Daylight savings time.. Any time shifts should resolve themselves in April. I suspect it's just something we will have to live with until then. There were no real patches by microsoft for the DST shift in windows 2000 or older. Only XP and Vista.

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by the way, if you are some of the few that understand time in GMT the server is configured as GMT -8:00
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Seems like it's fixed now. Did you change something dchan?
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it would be something you did.

The settings on the server do not affect the client side times and displays.
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Funny, I didn't change anything.
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Did you reboot your computer? (or perhaps an automatic update has been installed)
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My powerbook automatically adjusted itself for the new DST when it happened and showed everything else correctly, but it still showed the epic time wrong. Not sure if it's been rebooted since then, possibly.
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If you were "logged off" you might have seen the effect of the client side script not running. When you log on, the client side script runs to set the software up to show your current settings. When logged off, it will default to what I have set on the server.
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was definitely logged in when it was happening, as I was using the "New Posts" feature which shows up as Todays Posts if you're not logged in.
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I believe that there is an issue with the vBulletin software interpretation of DST. I am off by an hour just like most others here. I know we are downlevel with vBull, so perhaps that is part of the update.
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reading through the updates info. I don't think they made an adjustment for DST. DC
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Funny thing is that I have had the correct time for a while now (at least since the 14th.)
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