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Okay, so we leave the Banff area yesterday, and head to Fernie. Since it was snowing heavily, at the urging of the locals, we proceded on the road, rather than getting in some skiing at what now has become my favorite resort, Sunshine!

Met up with Powdigger and Tag last night, AWESOME people!

Woke up this morning to,,,,, FREAKING NON STOP RAIN!!! We are not talking the Whistler type, where it rains in the village, but snows in the Alpine. We're talkjg about rain that goes all the way to the top. turning the alleged powder into sopping wet sugar! Met Powdigger and friends at breakfast. They bailed on today, too. Meanwhile, anyone who thinks that the Rutland/Killington area is one of the ugliest ski towns in North America has not been to Fernie!

Now STOP gloating!!! Its supposed to be better tomorrow! Okay, I'll stop whining now!
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Tough luck !

Theres only one thing you can do. Find the nearest bar and have a few drinks....and then a few more.

Better luck with the rest of the trip.

and say hi to Ed and Tag for me.

Miss Jane

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WOW! sometimes it's better to be lucky then good. Best of luck to you for the rest of the week.
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Jane, I've already discovered that Peach Cider is not a soda pop! That's why I'm sitting in an internet cafe making fun of my bad luck!
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That really sucks.

Did you hear Whistler got 2.5 feet in the past 24hrs? Ouch!!!!
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It would be too cruel to let you know what the past weeks skiing in Eagle County has been like.

Hang in there LM. Travel is one day at a time.

May the pow gods be with you.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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When I can't ski, I spend my time on my other pathologic obsession, fly fishing. My friends and I have an ongoing competition to see who can win the dubious distinction of traveling the farthest to NOT catch fish. Lately, I'm finding the same principle applies in skiing. Some of the worst snow conditions I've skied are at the places that I've traveled the farthest to get to. Welcome to the club, LM!!
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sorry to hear about the rain. this warm spell we're having in the Northern Rockies is VERY uncharacteristic for this time of year. typically, Fernie is getting big dumps of light, cold smoke in the 2d half of Feb and 1st half of Mar.

LM, sorry to hear you think Fernie is ugly. I happen to like its originality and its unpretentious character. I told EVERYONE that it's nothing like a resort town, and that it's simple and laid back.

What exactly is your problem with the town of Fernie, given my advance news on what type of town it is?

For a better impression of the people and town... hit the following places:

Jamocha's, on Rte 3 feeder road -- especially for breakfast!

Rip 'n' Richards, on Rte 3 at the Elk River Bridge

Browse around in The Guides Hut and in The Ski Base.

Visit the great folks at the Raging Elk Hostel.

Yep, Fernie ain't a shopper's paradise. It doesn't want to be. And I like it that way. I'm sorry you don't.
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LM -- glad to hear it went from rain to dumping snow. Maybe you'll like Fernie a bit more now...

Gonzostrike -- I think we probably share similar tastes in "ski towns". I've heard Red Mountain, like Fernie, is a no-BS kind of town. Have you skied there?
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Hi Lisamarie,

Well if skiing stinks today, you might as well join in "Hockeymania,"at one of the lcoal pubs. It's an experience.

BTW the soda pop bubbles in that Peach Cider, means it is "hard." I hope the buz was worth it !
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Oops, over 65cm at Sunshine since Thursday evening. The clouds cleared and it was bluebird today, even caught the hockey game in the day lodge and saw many people skiing around with Canadian flags, a great day [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I think she's going to change her mind about the snow.......
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Damnit all this talk about great snow in Alberta, plus the game, and I'm here at home too sick to ski or get drunk . Plus the teachers are working again : . Oh well...

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I have heard great things about Sunshine. Mainly that they lazer etch groom the entire mountain every night so even when it is not good to ski off the beaten path, the beaten path is a blast.
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Gonzo, in answer to your question, I am usually not too fond of "shoppers paradises". The problem is that this particular hotel is right on highway 3, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Newark New jersey. Waking up on the first day to a rainstorm, overlooking a highway was just plain depressing.

But, as Leroy said, that night we had a major dumping of snow, and at that point, who the heck cares about the town?

Had my first experience of true powder here, and it was quite a challenge! What's funny, is that people out here were saying to me, "wow, I could never ski on hard pack, that's impossible!"

In a moment of bravery, I ducked into lizard bowl. Suddenly, uh oh, how do I work this? The problem was, I just could'nt move. Finally, I realized that if I just point em' straight down they are not going to go all that fast. It may have been a bit ambitous on my part to attempt it, but having learned at Sunshine that if I do happen to fall, its really not going to hurt!

Nonetheless, I thought about changing my handle to "powderflunkie"!
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No worries, eh? That was just the first of many powder experiences you will have. Just hang with us and you be rip the pow just like the locals. There is no substitute for experience. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Great to meet you and Mark!

See you next year.

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I bet you all thought I fell off the face of the planet! I am back, I gave a quick post on about the Baby under the UserName SnO Eagle. I just couldn't do another BJ thing...

Sorry about the rain thing sounds like a reall bummer.

Becca.. Now SnO Eagle

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Welcome back, becca, and congrats on the "new addition !

I'm going to date myself, but in this thread, I feel like the kid in that song "Hello Mudda, Hello Farda, Here I am at, Camp Grenada!"

By Saturday, the tune was
Wait a minute
It stopped raining
Skiing powder...... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Stay close kid, we'll make you a star.
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