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Bulletproof Bretton Woods 3/11

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Went up to BW for the weekend of 3/10 and 11, Saturday the 10th was spectacular, great soft snow, but Sunday was pretty bad. Everything was hard as a rock in the morning, it had rained Sat. p.m. and Sunday early a.m. a bit, apparently post-grooming, so there was basically no corduroy there. Lots of us were passing time in the lodge in the morning waiting for things to soften up, but the cloud cover for most of the day wasn't helping. Things got better after around 11:00, but we had to choose carefully. Some trails were really icy, some were really soft, and the ones that had not been groomed were a lot better than those that had. It was definitely not what we go to BW for! It was snowing lightly Sunday afternoon when we left, though.
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I was at Cannon Sunday afternoon, and found pretty much the same conditions: up high you had a choice between icy groomed trails and icy bumps, and down low (Zoomer lift) you had a choice between icy groomed trails and soupy bumps.

The mud/grass/rocks were showing through, especially in the mogul troughs.

I had been expecting warmer weather and I made the mistake of not bothering to sharpen my edges.

But the weather was pretty decent, and I had a good afternoon in spite of the ice.
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I was there yesterday (the 11th) as well. Uhhh, yeah, keep your edges sharp! I kept waiting for the sun to soften things up a bit, but I finally gave up around 10:30. I was there on my season's pass from Cannon (which is good at BW for a limited number of days per season), so I didn't mind bailing early. Wish I had known to look for you Ice Queen.

Oh well. There's snow that's good, and there's snow that's good for you. (Thanks, Mr. Barnes!). Sunday was definitely in the latter category!
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I hear you KevinF, I think we had a lot of "good for you" yesterday morning!
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Same all over the area last weekend I think. Saturday I was at Wildcat and it was the best non-powder day of the season IMHO, soft bumps, everything just perfect. Sunday at Loon, spent the whole day saying "It should soften up in an hour." I think it was softening when we left at 3:00 :
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I was at the "Cat" on Saturday too. I'll have to agree, one of the better days of the season. Sunday I was at Attitash, with similar conditions as everyone else has reported. Strictly frozen washboard conditions first thing in the morning. Fortunately, Attitash does have a lot of trails that get a good amount of early morning sun, and they softened up quite quickly. It was one of those days where you could encounter quite variable conditions on the same run, depending on the exposure to the sun. The trails that stayed in the shade were frozen for most of the day.
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