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Atomic Metron 7

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Has anyone skied the Atomic Metron 7 or the Salomon Hurricane? If so, what is you take on the skis.

The sas fam
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I spent a week at Whistler the first part of February and demoed a bunch of different skis. I skied the Rossignal Z3, The Head 88, the Salomon Tornado, K2 Apache crossfire?, the Metron 9 (shop didn't have the correct size for me) and a couple others for just a couple runs. I ended up liking this ski the best out of everything I rode on. I skied the 170 and the 178.

The conditions were typical Colorado rather than Whistler. Blue skys, 28F, no wind and great soft snow. Me 5'10", 210 lbs. Advanced Skier. Athletic, very strong, wieght lifter that really pushes on a ski.

I was very suprised how well this ski skied for me. Everything I had read before I went led me to the M9 or M11 B5, neither of which was I able to demo. I skied the M7 just to see if I liked the sidecut and I ended up keeping these skis in the 170 length for the last three days, I liked them so much. They were soft enough that I was able to cruise on tired legs, ski bumps and a lot of off piste stuff but they never lost an edge or chattered on me on some the icier groomers. The peak to creek run was bulletproof but I skied it as fast as I could and never felt the ski wasn't up to it. I would definately recommend them as a great all mountain ski but I did ski them the last three days of the trip when my legs were not as strong.
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Metron 7

Thanks very much, the info was very helpful. I found some Metron 7 with bindings online for $315.00 from www.summitonline.com.

The Sas Fam
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