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Fischer RX6: Delamination Issue?

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Hey everyone. New to the forum, tons of useful stuff here.

I am looking to buy a pair of Fischer RX6's which seem like the perfect ski for me in a 160 (5'6", 155 lbs), but I have seen a couple of posts indicating that some people have experienced problems with the laminate coming off the ski after very little use. I'm not sure if this is an issue that affected only a certain model year or how widespread the problem is. I'm planning to buy 2007 skis.

Does anyone have any information on whether this is a significant issue that I should worry about before buying? Are there RX6 owners out there who have had this problem, particularly 2007 models?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Its very unlikely that an RX series is delaminating. The ski is a cap construction design with a vertical sidewall that beneath the cap. Its almost impossible to delamination this construction type since its wrapped in a cap. Also, Fischer's are very rugged and known as a first class manufacturer of sporting equipment and aerospace components.


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There was a delamination problem with the RX-6, but it only affected the 170 length.
I have several pairs of Fischer skis and it is the shop with whom I deal that mentioned the delamination and that it had only been seen in the 170 length.
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I have a pair of 2006/2007 RX6s in 165 that I bought new this year. I've skied them for perhaps 250-300 runs since January, including many nasty sub-zero temps. They still look and feel like new. They are very well built. Highly recommended.
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Thanks everyone for your input. Sounds like any issues must have been isolated instances.
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RX6 is a fine ski

The RX6 has been a reliable member of my "quiver" for the past 3 seasons. It has served me well on Vermont ice and hardpack. It has been a very responsive and stable ski. No problems with durability. In fact, it provides a great "bang for the buck."
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That information may have been based on issues that some raised with the clear-coat that covers the graphics of the ski peeling on some previous RX-6's, I forget what year model was involved. That was a cosmetic thing.

A actual "delamination" usually refers to a delamination of the structural as opposed to cosmetic components of a ski. It occurs when layers of metal, wood, fiberglass and such separate from each other. When it occurs, it is often at the tip though it can occur elsewhere.

Fischer has the reputation for making very durable skis. Though any ski can potentially delaminate and even a cap become seperated from a skis edges, I've personally not heard of delamination problems with Fischer skis caused by manufacturing issues.
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Thanks for the clarification. I think what I had heard about is the cosmetic issue you mention. See the following thread, involving 2006 RX6's: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=44444

I also came across an anonymous 2007 review on another site (ski-review.com) that said simply "They delaminate after a few weeks." Informative, huh? Talking about the same cosmetic issue, I assume.

Anyway, I really want to get these skis but just wanted to make sure there was not a widespread issue that should concern me. The few issues that appear to have arisen seem far outweighed by the many people on this board who apparently love the skis and have had no problems.

Thanks again.
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Thanks for posting that thead. Now I recall that somewhat infamous discussion.
The Fischer RX-6 has received quite a few top reviews both here and in the ski mags. You should have a great time with them if they are the ski that you decide to buy.
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Thanks. I went ahead and purchased the skis last night and think I'm going to have a blast with them. This site has been a great help to me.
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