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Replacement Foam for Goggles

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Anybody know of a source for this stuff?

I have a pair of perfectly serviceable goggles (complete with spare lens) save for some ripped foam.
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One option is to contact the manufacturer - that may take some time
Another Alternative>>>
I've always ran into this problem but...  Finally figured out the answer!!!
The foam that comes on hangers from the dry cleaners is a great alternative.
It's a little soft but not much.
Cut it to size and glue it on.  Not sure what glue to use but I've used contact cement & super glue.
Regarding the color - use a permenant sharpie to match the color.
I've been doing this now for 7 years and have not had to do a replacement yet.
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If they are Oakleys, you should be able to get the foam replaced for free (or maybe just the cost of postage).
Contact Oakley directly about it, and if you ask nicely, it's amazing what they'll do!
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I also have some great goggles (Bolle) which could use some new foam.

weatherstripping would be a last resort, having the soft fuzzy layer next to the face is worth a small premium.
Used to be that Mtn area shops did carry such stuff, but not being in a mtn town, not sure sure now.
ANyone have an online source ?
I'm currently scouring the 'paintball' and MotoX links for possible sources - nuttin yet...

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ANy DIY shop sells foam door draft insulation, you can get foam or silican like D shaped stuff and its already sticky. Not only works well its more comfortable than the coarse foam on many goggles
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this is true, just contacted Oakley about my brand new splices, my dog tore up the face foam they can replace it they'll ask for prove of purchase and then take 3 weeks to replace thanks for telling me it's possible to do I just about bought another pair.

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