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base bevel problem?

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I asked a local shop to grind and put a one degree base bevel on a pair of Rossignol 9X that I picked up off ebay. I did the side edges myself (3 degrees - file/blue diamond stone/ red diamond stone/ gummi), and then waxed, scraped and brushed twice. I've skied them twice now, about 3 or 4 runs each time, and really don't like how they feel -- I wonder if they simply forgot the bevel and left the bottom edge totally flat. What would that feel like?
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Immediate hookup.

It might hold or let go (chatter) depending on weight, speed, flex.

Try repeated sideslips to tell the difference between that and a burr?
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If you suspect the base bevel, then you can start with a true bar and see if there are any issues with the base- concave, convex or no bevel at all (railing). If there is a bevel then you will see light at the end of the true bar or set the true bar on the edge bevel and measure in 60 mm and then see what the gap is. Atomicman provided the followingon this site as an explanation :

Base bevel is pretty easy to measure.. When you lay your true bar across the ski and tip it to match the bevel of the edge(no light showing through between the true bar and edge) you should have 1mm of gap at 60mm from the edge.with a 1 degree base bevel. .5 would be 1/2 degree .75mm would be 1 degree. You get pretty good at eyballing it by just using your true bar to look at the base edge bevel with a light source back behind the true bar. You are also looking to see that it is consistent along the length of the ski this is critical to ski ability.

Also see this thread:
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Originally Posted by RShea View Post
you should have 1mm of gap at 60mm from the edge.with a 1 degree base bevel. .5 would be 1/2 degree .75mm would be 1 degree.
for 60mm length:
height for 1° ~ 1mm
height for .75°~.8mm
height for .5°~.5mm

If bevel is OK, A burr?
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Thanks for the feedback.

I'm pretty sure it's not a burr - After the first outing I did go over it again with a fine diamond stone and gummi, and I didn't t see or feel any sort of burr, and I didn't feel any improvement the next time I skied; really just the same.

I'd say it's close to what Comprex describes - it's hard to hookup, but when it does, it's an "immediate" feeling. That's somewhat inconsistent I guess, but what I mean is I have to work more to get it off a flat track but when I do, it locks hard onto the edge; and then it's really hard to get off the edge, like the tail doesn't want to release.

Lacking a true bar so I can't get into the measurements suggested below. I tried before posting this even to eyeball whether any light gets in under a metal scraper, i.e., any gap between the bottom of the scraper and the edge, on both the problem ski and another pair with no problems. My eyesight just isn't good enough to see much of anything on either ski.

Bottom line, it sounds like there's no harm in filing in a new base bevel and hopefully that takes care of it. If not perhaps it's the proverbial "too much ski" for this mere mortal.
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What bevels and skis are you comparing these skis to?
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
What bevels and skis are you comparing these skis to?
Bevels? This year I put 1/3 base/side bevels on the following skis:
-2004 Dynastar Omecarve 10, 165 cm
-2004 Fischer BigStix 7.6, 175 cm
-2002 (?) Blizzard Titan 8.2, 173 cm
-2002 Dynastar Speed SX, 170 cm

About 15 - 18 days on the Omecarve's and Big Stix, switching off for conditions and terrain. One full day - hardpack - on the Speed SX. All the edge I needed on these 3 skis, easy to engage and dig in as needed, and easy to release, transition, pivot or slip. Two powder days on the Blizzards, bevels couldn't have mattered much.

Skis? See above; plus in past years I've owned 2002 Rossignol 9S, 160cm; and Volkl P50SL race stock, 156cm. Couple of days on demos - loved Elan Ripstick 170cm; liked Salomon Equipe 10SC, 170cm and Atomic SX9, 170cm; did not like Atomic Metron 9 171cm. Oh also one other ski I owned briefly and passed on after a couple of runs was a Head XP100 in 177cm. A true 2x4 for me at 5'9"/175 lbs. I gave it to a friend who's about 6'3 / 240 lbs and he loves it.

So one obvious issue is I've never used a GS race ski before - but had enough time on SL race skis, including the SL "sister" of this Rossi GS; and also enough time on cruisers like the Dynastar Speed SX and Ripstick, to think the Rossi 9X in 174 was a reasonable choice. Obviously I didn't NEED these but (a) the Speed SX were on long term loan, (b) no one else bid for these on ebay so I just grabbed them, here's a longer radius hard snow ski that'll be a little faster and more fun than the BigStix (i.e., Ripstick for cheapskates). If nothing else I scored a really cheap pair of Rossi Axial 140s ... but I'd like to use the skis they're attached to!
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Ghost - if you're out there - what do you think, is it unreasonable for me to expect these skis ought to be OK and there's a tune problem?

For whatever it's worth I went ahead and re-did the base bevels and then touched up the side. When I went at it with the file set at 1 degree I got a good bit of metal -- then polished with stones and redid the sides and deburred -- so when I get out this weekend I'll have the answer in real life.
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You might want to have a stone with you and try de-tuning the tips and tails if your tips are still hard to engage and tails hard to release. Good luck, hope it works out and please let us know.
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Good idea with the stone -- will do.
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Short answer: yes, absolutely the shop did not put a bevel on, I was skiing a flat ski. Found a little boilerplate after scraping all the fresh stuff off from Friday's east coast storm; they hooked up and released just like they ought to, after I re-did the base last week.
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Glad it worked out. Sounds like everyone needs to check the base and side edge bevels after requesting work by others......or if you get your bases ground ask for no beveling and do it yourself.

See 'An observation' thread.
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