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I found that after the first two weeks things got easier, and by six months I was confident I'd quit. You can do it!!! After six months you should really notice a difference in your energy levels and aerobic capacity as well.
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smoking? in Oregon?

A new concept. At my local mountain (which is small, but nice) NOBODY lights up, except teh occasional hick/redneck that skiis in jeans (ahh, the fashons of denim)

I suppose the valley is pretty dang green. We all like trees and birkenstocks, clean air, water (the occasional rouge ale) and happyness. At least thats waht is seems to me. Anyways, people can do what they want, but skiing and smoking just don't really mix I think. You already havea hard time breathing with the high altitude (well I do, but i have a chrnoic lung disease)so smoking cigarettes would be, well weird.

But it has been that people (with the hippy nature of Oregon) smoke OTHER things up on teh mountain. I think thats kindof dumb too, but oh well.
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I hate all smokers, they smell like an ashtray. I just bought new ski pants and a new jacket for alot of money, the day i let some smelly ass make my new stuff smell like an ash tray is the day i invite Binladen in for tea at my house.

If they want to smoke letem go ski somewere on the hill and light up there by themselves.

Once smelled a smoker at the gym, he just reaked, really stood out at a place for people trying to get in shape. I started coughing by him and said what smells like a damm ashtray here. I made sure he would take his smelly ass and never come back. Did i mention i dislike smokers?

Now i wonder how big this thread is gunna get.
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the occasional rouge ale.
Dead Guy and Yellow Snow are 2 good ones.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Geoff - I would blow my second hand smoke in your face.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


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Don't forget Old Crusty.
Drank a lot of that when they had the brewpub in Ashland. Before the flood
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