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Free lift tickets at Berkshire East 3/12-14

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Customer appreciation days. Free lift tickets.
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Are YOU going to be there??
Turns with another bear and hearing some of your new instructor tales first hand, on top of freenbie ticket would make it a must do for me.
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Sorry stache I won't be skiing out there until next weekend. Thanks though!
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Though I'm a lesser known bear-I'll be skiing at berkshire East Tomorrow-tuesday (Patrolling day actually-could be busy with the free ticket and the warm weather) if anyone is looking for someone to take a few turns with!

Hey SkiMango-it was nice to take a few runs with you-all in all a fun day-we didn't stop skiing until 4:30.

Maybe see you this weekend (as it could be the last at the Beast! for the season).

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Liam, I too enjoyed meeting you, had to wait for my significant other that one run, then never was in sync on the lift with you again. We too skied late into the day. I got in 20,000 vertical feet that day! U Mass skied great well into the afternoon, and Wilderness Peak/Hemlock was fun too. Thanks also for opening the Cloud for us, skied that all day as well!

Projected closing day is April 1, we'll see if they make it, but I'll predict at least until the 25th! Will be there this weekend and next, hope to ski you then!

ps did you see Roy's picture on the homepage of the website? I wonder if that's his farewell, as rumors have it that Jim may be taking over.
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Yesterday was a fantastic day at the BEAST--WWe have two paid patrollers on during the weekdays (of which I was one) and whatever volunteers show up..with the free lift ticket and the beautiful weather I thought we mght get really busy--but was I wrong-I don't think more than 50 people showed up for the whole day!!!

We skied fast and hard from 8:30 to 4:30 (well, from 11:00 to 2:00 my wife and 4 year old son came out to ski with me so I skied a little slower and softer ). Snow started off a little chunky and firm (but the groomers were great!!) and by 10 everything was Spring soft and delightful!! I spent the later afternoon getting in what will probably be the last tree runs of the Year (Tomahawk, East Glades and a few 'lesser know" routes!!! awesome!) with the upcoming rain and warm weather for thursday into friday.

Today is the last day of free skiing at Berkshire east--it'll be warm again and a lot of fun--anyone who can make it to Charlemont,, MA today ought to make the effort!

Final note--Berkshire east is, IMHO, the best ski experience in Southern New England (and yeah, I'm including Southern VT here)--Quality of Terrain, complete lack of crowds, bargain costs, great general easy feel to the whole place, Really beautiful New England landscapes all add up to one heck of a little ski bump--come check it out before the snow melts (which will be fairly soon--hopefullly not until April 1!!!

SkiMango-it's worth a a 'sick day" at work!

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