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I'm looking to get my wife a pair of sticks as the year winds down and prices dwindle. She's been on the Lotta Luv, Attiva AC4, Olympia Victory, and B3W so far this year. She seems to like the B3W the most so far. I'm wondering if anyone out there has been on the Missdemeanor and can compare them to the Rossi line? The Missy can be found much cheaper than the Rossi B2W or B3W, so I was just curious how much difference there is in the two.

She's 5'6" and around 135#, solid level 7. She's not very aggressive, and she didn't like the Volkl and Nordica all that much. I'm thinking that those are a bit stiffer than the rest, and she didn't like them because she didn't pressure them to get them to bend and work with her.

I'll try to see if we can find a pair of Missdemeanor's for her to try within the next month or so to see how she likes them. Anyone have any comparison between them and the Rossi's?