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atomic metron b5 problems

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I have 04/05 models. Fabulous feeling skiis (174mm) until I took it to new tuner. Then I fealt trapped in my turns by my tails, and I would have to muscle my way out of each turn by lifting way up on heals; also the tips were extremely grabby and once I was on edge would jerk me into the turn. Additionally, lots of grabbing by uphill ski. Tuner said problem is that these wide bodied atomics warp with age so that mainly edges are touching and thus are very grabby.

Went to Atomic dealer where I got skiis. They said skiis are "tempermental" to exact tuning techniques and angles, and they did full tune including base flattening to 1/3 edge angles.

Only fair improvement. I had my son try my skiis. He's captain of his high school ski team. He fealt that he had to really muscle his way out of the turns in the tail area. He did not feel the jerky pull into the turns I fealt.

Went back to dealer. They redid the full tune, based on the complaints, and gave me a pair of demo metron b5 for the day. The demo skiis felt fabulous, just like what my skiis had been like. When I got my skiis back there was a big improvement: 50% improvement with the tail problem, 75% improvement with the uphilll ski catching, and 100% improvement with the tips jerking me in the turn. Still, I could not ski with total confidence and control.

Went back to Metron dealer. He checked base and said perfectly flat, especially in the tails. He redid the 1 degree bevel, and said he had to remove a fair amount of steel to get the perfect 1 degree. Skiing was then much improved: No tail problems. Only problems:1. uphill ski still wanted to take over when I rolled my ankles and ski'd both skiis through the turn (proper technique). Only would happen in a left turn with just one right /left ski arrangement. I didn't stick with other right/left ski arrangement as more things were wrong that way.I would be OK if I used old fashion technique of unwieghting the uphill ski. 2. When doing very slow turns I fealt like an edge was holding in the snow and acting like a brake.

I now have about 50 days skiing on these skiis. I am wondering if I am experiencing an underlying b5 problem of warpage or something else, or is this going to take one or two more tunings to get perfect base flattening and edge and base bevels? Any advice would be well apprerciated.
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we have six pairs of b5's in my locker room that get skied hard everyday. No problems with any of them. I have to say though, a good tune is priceless with any ski. Before this recent tune how many days since the last tune?
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Thanks RicB

I'm glad to hear you have not experienced the same problems with the B5's, as I am hoping it is a tuning problem that is slowly being resolved, and not a manufacturing defect.

In the series of tunes I described, there were only one or two days between tunes, just along enough for me to see that things wern't going well. Prior to that, I would do my own 1/3 degree edge spot tuning, and bring in for a full tune when needed.
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Interesting. I just had my B5's tuned at an Atomic dealer and the tips now grab a little, and I have that same feeling of slight distrust. When I bought the skis, from a different Atomic dealer, they were really nice and I liked them. I skied some serious hard, cold snow and decided they needed a tuning so I took them in for complete tune, when all they really needed was a little sharpening. Alas, the uphill ski is now a little grabby. No noticeable problem with the tails. My planned solution was just to detune the tips a little myself with a diamond tool. Any suggestions?
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It could be the base bevel. Atomics usually need to have the base bevel touched up by hand, esp at the tips after a machine tune. After a machine tune, they usually come out with a base bevel < 1 degrees which means grabby. Get good base edge guide which spans over the concave base (like the Toko) and reset to 1 degree at the tips and it should be good.
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