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Can anyone beat 3600 vert '

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we are opening the lone peak tram tomorow, skied off the suumit today, closest thing to heliskiing without the Whop-whop.....shin deep light and fluffy, damn there are times I love my job.
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BSR. I'm headed your way next Monday. I'll be there for a week. Where's the best bar close to the Huntley?
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MR Hummers, in the mall, crawling distance to the Hotel. I don't have much time this a.m. but will post more tonight.
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Way cool. I'm taking Thursday & Friday afternoon off to go skiing at Big Sky.

How rocky is the top?
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Rio, it WAS awesome yesterday, but the wind got a lot of the snow and took it to who in the hell knows. The tram didn't open today (wed.) due to wind and avi hazard. However, its 6:00 and snowing hard!!!! We plan on Challenger and the tram tomorow if all goes according to plan. See ya here.
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Hey, where'd all the snow on top go? I could swear there was more on Sunday. Oh well, at least I found some good skiing in the trees above Crazy Horse.
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It all seemed to blow to the lower mountain, oh well we need it there but whatta gyp. Did you make it to challenger, that was pretty good, but not what we were hoping for.
**update** another 2-4" last nite. little wind and its $ 10.00 day yikes!!!!!

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I didn't bother with Challenger. I looked up there and saw all the rock fields so I decided to wait. After talking to a couple people I'm glad I did.

I have some skis for early season skiing I don't mind dinging up, but I don't want to trash them like I did with some skis last year on Challenger. Besides, I found knee deep powder in the trees going into Crazy Horse & that kept me happy all day.

Hopefully there will be more snow by Sunday because both my kids are free and we're going to try to have a family ski day (first one in a couple years).
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ok, I'm not too envious
hey, where is CrazyHorse anyway, off Shedhorn or??
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although you don't know it, today.... you WERE envious.
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Crazy Horse is off to the right (north) as you ride up Swift Current. It parallels much of the gondola lift. It is basically a gully with steep trees & chute running into it on the sides. They opened that section of the mountain Thursday for the first time all season and the coverage in the trees and chutes was good. There were pockets of deep powder in the trees around all afternoon if you looked for them.
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