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Skinning up Stowe

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I stopped into the Octagon at the top of the quad at Stowe last Wednesday about 10:30 a.m. for a warmup. It was about zero F and windy, and I met a skier, about 60 y.o., who had skinned all the way to the top. I didn't think to ask him his route or when he started, but it had to be well over 2,000 vert, and several miles in brutal weather. I was amazed. Do many people do this? He says he hasn't bouight a lift ticket in years.
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In my many years skiing Stowe, I have seen about 50-100 skinning it, or snowshoeing with planks on their backs. Most seem to take the Toll Road, or the Gondolier. I cant recall seeing any at Spruce, but when Big spruce was closed, Id bet that it was a nirvana when it had just snowed.
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The whole town skins early and late season. Most buy a pass for the season...some don't.
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I havent skinned stowe, but i hiked it a few times for some preseason turns. Its close to burlinton, bigger than bolton, and the snow wasnt terrible up top
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I have hiked it and deffinently a difficult walk when cold. Skins would have been nice.
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I was at Stowe two weekends ago, and I saw tons of people hiking up to the top of Mansfield. They werent skinning it, because the snow was way too deep...but everyone I talked to said it was definatly worth the 30-45 minute hike.
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