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Too Sick to Ski...

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Just an announcement about poor, pitiful me. Mammoth is going off. I was supposed to be there...tomorrow in fact, to give the inagural run on my 10.EX's. Tahoe has major snow. Utah saw 8-9 feet in about a week. So what is a west coast skier with 4 weeks of saved up vacation to do? Sit at home. I caught pneumonia just before Thanksgiving. It is almost as bad as the folks back east with all the heat, except over the past 2 weeks I have just had to read the reports of epic dumps and weep, as I am too sick to ski. It is looking up, though. Doc says that I might be good enough to go out in about two weeks. Boy, this is worse than a long summer!!

Anyhow, pity me and my frail condition!
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hang in there bandit man. Get well soon!

drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest. The snow will be back, your health is of much more value.

Also remember that no matter how bad it seems to get, someone else probably is worse off. Be thankful for the good things..
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I don't know how superstitious you are but if I were you I'd be worrying that one of the East Coast Bears put a hex on you. I think they're getting a little tired of hearing the West Coast Bears gloating so much.
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Sorry to hear that Bandit Man. Yeah, it is going off huge. So far this week we have had two great powder days, and today was insane windbuff. The park is also in great shape with two pipes, and tons of hits. Get better!
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This little bunny wants you to feel better!
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I appreciate all of your words. I realize that I will get better and that health is more important that skiing (did I just say that?). I just had to vent with my fellow Bears who just might relate a bit more than the average person as to the mental anquish that being "too sick to ski" can cause. I will be there soon and loving it. This little setback will make my first powder day out just that much sweeter, right?

I'm still jonesin' for some turns, though.


Can you drop an extra chute and throw a extra big air for me next time you are out at Mammoth? That kind of vicarious living might just get me through!! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Again thanks for your concern!
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Stay in bed and git better. Be waited upon. You deserve it. Milk it for all its worth! Pneumonia is nothing to sneeze at!

I know... maybe all of us can bring home a handfull of snow and dump it in your front yard and pile it up really high. Then when no one is looking you can make a few runs and never have to leave the farm! When your wife, girlfriend, whomever comes home, we'll rush yuio back into bed. She'll ask what all taht snow is all about. We all can say... Hmmm! Unusual weather we're having isn't it! Maybe she'll buy it! Even if she doesn't at least you got in a few runs! Ya'll git better now, Ya hear?
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My advice get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids.Take two ski movies and call the Ski report in the morning.
Staying home sick like that is worse then haveing to work on a Powder morning.
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