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Fat Ski Help

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Hey all,
I recently came across a good deal on some fat boards. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on the sizing and brand of the boards. I am about 6’1 and about 160lb. I ski off-piste mainly at Stevens Pass. This means a mix of open terrain and trees (sometimes tight). The two boards that I have a line on are some 191 Fischer Big Stix 84, and some 193 XXX bandits. Would these boards be good for me? If any of you all have some boards of your own, that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of, let me know. Anyway, thanks for your time.

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You height is appropriate for those sizes but you seem to be on the light side to compress those puppies. Stevens does have some great open shots but they all end up in somewhat tight trees, the longer lengths might be a burden when getting close to the highway. If you are an aggressive/adv-expert those lengths would probably suit you well, but you will have to work harder when the going gets tight.
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I'd go with the xxx's. I'm 6'1/2" and 165 pounds. I ride the xxx in the 193 and its awesome. I've never had any trouble at all with them being "to much ski".
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