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Yet another injured Bear

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Just came back from ER this am with a "hairline fracture " and a chip from the ULNAR . It's the same wrist i had broken in 5 spots nine years ago and was due to a stupid decision by a good skier dammit :

I was skiing some steeps and took a header @ speed in some iced stuff off the reg connector trail yesterday . I had missed the normal short cut connector trail thru the woods to the lifts from the steep i was skiing and had gone 10 -20 yds below it ----------so instead of stopping and just climbing back to the reg trail i cut back @ speed thru some really gnarly and deep iced up crud in the woods that looked soft but was n't .

The skis hit that crap at speed and i went flying out over the front. I threw my poles , came out of the bindings, flew LIKE HERMANNN MAIER thru the air and stupidly tried to cushion my fall .

It happened on first run of the day but we skied till 3:15 --Hell it was blubird day and only a wimp would have quit .

The ski patrol thought it was a bad sprain since i could shake hands and do a hand to hand pressure manuver ---- or a possible hairline fracture so they braced me with ace bdg and we continued to rip . WE went out to dinner last nite i slept comfortably but it ws still slightly swollen so i drove myself to ER this am.

It could have been much worse----just pisses me off cuz it was a bad decision and avoidable . But hey i've now got an excuse on the golf course this yR: and BTW i intend to back up on the boards this season .

The guitars are also gonna get a rest for a while

Just call me

AIR Daddy now
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I hate it when that happens. I didn't bother with patrol, when I did in my radius; I knew it was broken. Like you, I made a stupid move 'cause I was too stubborn to bail and not attempt turn 4. Oh well, live and learn.
I had to ski without poles for the rest of the day. How about you?
BTW. I've decided that a touque will work as a glove for that hand.

I'm going skiing next week. I'll compromise and stay of the speed skis though. Don't ask your Doc, and he can't say no.
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Nah i really lucked out and could use the poles the rest of the day. I was running gates like you at a high rate of speed. And believe me friend i empathize I can get my system mittens over it so think i'll be ok

Yeah u r right i probably dial down the speed and stay off steeps for rest of this season .But then againGhost u know just like i do that--even tho we're both reasonably well educated -- Its hard 4 an old jock to back off the accellerator and our non -skiing friends have us ready for the mental ward

hell they JUST don't UNDERSTAND DO THEY ?? Life ain't a damn dress rehersal

Hey my best to ya as a comrade in arms --ski well heal fast

Air Daddy
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You can still get out there. Poles are over rated.
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