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Footbeds Please Help

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I want to get new footbeds. I was wondering if anyone has tried one or all the following to give this forum a run down of the positives and negatives. I wanted a bed that is somewhat flexible but supportive. I once had cork and didn't like the feel.


Shock Doctor:

Super Feet:

Your Sole:

Did I miss any??
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I have very limited experience so take my advice as such.

I have the Instaprints and compared to the stock footbeds their is no comparison (for my feet).

I have a high arch so my feet were hurting alot, partly from the stock footbed partly from not tightening the buckles properly.

After tighten buckles properly and installed custom footbed last 2 ski days I had no pain. I left boots buckled up all day including lunch and no pain at the end of the day.

Hope This Helps!
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Amfit and Peterson and a few others out there too. But basically what does the shop that you trust the most have and offer? If it is one brand or 2 then decide between their offerings. Otherwise if you are heading on a trip, investigate the resort shops and price, etc.
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A custom insole is only as good as the person who is making it. Is he/she making 10 insoles a day, a week, a month, a year? No matter which system he uses a good bootfitter should be able to craft a quality product that compensates for reasonable alignment and fit issues within the insole.

In most cases a flexible foot benefits more from a more rigid product. The foot requires support and the rigid materials aid in that. Products like Amfit and the Superfeet Kork products would fall into this catagory.

The more rigid foot typically benefits from a more cushioned product. The foot is structurally sound and doesn't require more rigid material to support it. The downside is but that rigidity means less shock absorbtion, hence the softer materials. By design DFP (Dynamic Foot Positioning), and most of the Conformable line fall into this catagory.

The Peterson and Instaprint are also quality systems when done right can produce a solid footbed.

Every system I have mentioned can produce a quality when in the proper hands.
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about insoles/footbeds

there is another thread in this forum about footbeds/insoles>


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