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Crystal Mountain Big Mt. Freeride comp

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Tel: 360-789-8066
Email: events@mountainchallenge.org
Web Site URL: www.mountainchallenge.org

Big Mountain Freeride Competition
Crystal Mountain, WA March 22-24, 2007

Presented by American Suzuki Motor Corporation, K2 Sports and Sturtevant's Sports.

Crystal Mountain will be hosting the Mountain Challenge 5th annual Silver King Freeride Big Mountain competition on March 21-24, 2007.

Men, Women, Juniors and Snowboarders will compete for over $20,000 in Cash and Prizes at Washington's Largest Ski Area. With some of the best riding conditions in the world right now in the Northwest, the Silver King Freeride will prove to be another exciting and fun competition on the big mountain circuit. Over 390 inches of snow has fallen at Crystal Mt this season so far and if this turns out to be a typical March, 70-100 inches more will fall this month making the conditions once again epic during this contest!

There will be three skiing categories: Men’s, Women’s and Juniors, and one snowboarding category for Men.
  • Athlete check-in, media day and orientation, and welcome reception on March 21st.
  • Men’s qualifying is Thursday March 22 for skiers who are not pre-qualified.
  • Men, Women and Juniors skiers will compete in a (2) day main event, March 23-24.
  • Men snowboarders will compete 2 days on March 22 and March 24.
  • Competitor Guidelines and Registration Packets can be Downloaded at www.mountainchallenge.org.

Visit www.mountainchallenge.org to get all the registration details and info, or email johnb@mountainchallenge.org.

The Men and Women winners of this event will automatically qualify for Subaru North American Freeskiing Championships at Kirkwood on March 26-April 1, 2007.

If you would like more information regarding this event or would like to schedule an interview, please contact John Barci at 360-789-8066 or john@mountainchallenge.org.
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On behalf of the 2007 judging staff. I’d like to thank the 70+ athletes that competed in the 5th Annual Crystal Mt .SILVER KING FREERIDE Big Mountain Competition.
Additional information can be found at:

John Penxa

1. Alex Blais, Whistler-Blackcomb
2. John Sterling, Crystal Mountain
3. Athan Merrick, Whistler-Blackcomb
4. Nick Frey, Squaw Valley
5. Jordan Cropper, Whistler-Blackcomb
6. Mike Vaughan, Alpine Meadows
7. Sam Wright, Whistler-Blackcomb Former Paradise Snow Sports student!!!
8. Chris Tatsuno, Sun Valley
9. Jeff Bergerson, Alpental
10. Logan Shaetzel-Hill, Big Sky
11. Zack Barrett, Mt. Baker
12. Reed Purvis, Alpental
13. Elliot Marsh, Crystal Mountain
14. Wayne Grevey, Crystal Mountain
15. William Hansen, Crystal Mountian
16. Buck Zastoway, Snowbird
17. Dustin Briedwell, Portland
18. Lance Petkovits, Crystal Mountain
19. Pete Durr, Mt. Baker
20. Rob Nachtwey, Squaw Valley
21. Larry Segal, Squaw Valley
22. Chase Scarff, Auburn
23. John Nahomey, Squaw Valley
24. Alex McDonald, Seattle
25. Jeremy Martinson, Crystal Mountain
26. Jack Parker, Seattle
27. Dave Whilan, Whistler-Blackcomb
27. J.D. Thompson, Alpental
29. Andy Devore, Hot Dog Mountain, Lk Geneva, WI
30. Rylan Cordova, Squaw Valley
31. Ben Paciotti, Crystal Mountain
32. Justin Dietz, Crystal Mountain
33. Ross Fairbrother, Crystal Mountain
34. Jake Rothfels, Snowbird
35. Stephen Pearson, Crystal Mountain-DNF
35. Ryan Kluh, Snowbird-DNF
35. Christian Boocher, Whistler-Blackcomb-DNF

1. Laura Ogden, Crystal Mountain
2. Erica Laidlaw, Snowbird
3. Robin McElroy, Squaw Valley
4. Amy McDermid, Whistler-Blackcomb
5. Nancy Elrod, Squaw Valley
6. Jodi Grimm, Alpental
7. Jenny Dallas, Seattle
8. Brianne Taylor, Whistler-Blackcomb
9. Sonja Lercher, Whistler-Blackcomb
10. Marijka Stephens, Mt. Baker

Junior Boys
1.Kyle Bakken, Crystal Mountain
2. Michael Mandahl, Snowbird
3. Payton Covlin, Crystal Mountain
4. Ezra Stemple, Sugar Bowl, CA
4. Tyler Ceccanti, Crystal Mountain
6. Matthew Stern, Sugar Bowl, CA
7. Max Winetraub, Sugar Bowl, CA
8. Christian Mandahl, Snowbird
9. Dylan Owen, Snowbird
10. Alex Anderson, Snowbird
11. Matt Fry, Crystal Mountain
12. Neil Crowson, Snowbird
13. Adam Sandoval, Snowbird
14. Chase Eldredge, Snowbird

Junior Girls
1. Rebecca Lefanowiz, Sugar Bowl, CA
2. Ariana Stutano, Whistler-Blackcomb
3. Erin Kerr, Whistler-Blackcomb
4. Brittani Ballantyne, Kirkwood
5. Kim Johnson, Snowbird

1. Ben Crocker, Lake Tahoe
2. Pete Bennett, Kirkwood
2. Adam DeVorgas, Kirkwood
4. Dave Watson, Snowmass
5. Bob Coffey, Crystal Mountain
6. Christiaan Bourdrez, Crystal Mountain
6. Patrick Hennessey, Crystal Mountain
8. Will Brommeisier, Kirkwood
9. Matt Fulop, Mt. Hood Meadows

1. Athan Merrick, Whistler-Blackcomb
2. Chris Tatsuno, Sun Valley
3. Nick Frey, Squaw Valley
4. John Sterling, Crystal Mountain
5. Alex Blais, Whistler-Blackcomb
6. Jeff Bergerson, Alpental
7. Jordan Cropper, Whistler-Blackcomb
8. Wayne Grevey, Crystal Mountain
9. Sam Wright, Whistler-Blackcomb
10. Logan Shaetzel-Hill, Big Sky
11. Rob Nachtwey, Squaw Valley
12. Elliot Marsh, Crystal Mountain
13. Dustin Briedwell, Portland
14. Jeremy Martinson, Crystal Mountain
15. William Hansen, Crystal Mountian
16. Reed Purvis, Alpental
17. Mike Vaughan, Alpine Meadows
18. Pete Durr, Mt. Baker
18. Buck Zastoway, Snowbird
20. Lance Petkovits, Crystal Mountain
21. Larry Segal, Squaw Valley
22. Zack Barrett, Mt. Baker
23. Chase Scarff, Auburn
24. John Nahomey, Squaw Valley
25. Alex McDonald, Seattle

1. Erica Laidlaw, Snowbird
2. Laura Ogden, Crystal Mountain
3. Robin McElroy, Squaw Valley
4. Amy McDermid, Whistler Blackcomb
5. Nancy Elrod, Squaw Valley

Junior Boys
1. Tyler Ceccanti, Crystal Mountain
2. Kyle Bakken, Crystal Mountain
3. Matthew Stern, Sugar Bowl
3. Ezra Stemple, Sugar Bowl
5. Christain Mandahl, Snowbird
6. Michael mandahl, Snowbird
7. Max Winetraub, Sugar Bowl
8. Payton Covlin, Crystal Mountain

Junior Girls
1. Erin Kerr, Whistler-Blackcomb
2. Rebecca Lefanowicz, Sugar Bowl
3. Ariana Stutano, Whistler-Blackcomb

1. Ben Crocker, Lake Tahoe
2. Adam DeVorgas, Kirkwood
3. Dave Watson, Snowmass
4. Patrick Hennessey, Crystal Mountain
5. Pete Bennett, Kirkwood
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