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Mid-Atlantic pain

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I just got back from making my first turns of the season at Killington and am all ready to start teaching. Now my mountain says they may not be able to start making snow till Thu. after Xmas. I've been teaching 9 years and don't ever remember a later start. Temps are staying in the 50's with nights in the 30's. I feel like i'm suffocating... and don't have the time and bucks to go west.
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Yeah, I'm in the same part of the country as you, and I know what you mean. OTOH, look at what its finally doing up north:

Also, cyberweatherman just gave a good detailed medium-long range report on the Killington. Its not proper to repost it in its entirety, but here is the major conclusion and the URL to find the rest (you will have to register to access it):


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Title: This is the real weather deal
Posted By: cyberweatherman on 2001-12-17 19:25:17

If you like winter, you'll probably get your fill the next few weeks and maybe something of the opposite extreme that we've been dealing with the last 30 days or so. ...major snip...


All I can say is YAHOOOOO! (and lets hope he is right).

Tom / PM
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click.............. BANG ..............thud!

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Yuki... was that you putting yourself out of misery.. or a mercy attempt on me? Anyway, :: LOL::

Better news... my area says the guns are starting this Thu. night. Hopefully????
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It can't get much worse can it? I am not optimistic about those guns doing much after last nights rain and temps in the 50's for the rest of the week.

Next week I'll start sacrificing small animals to the gods of the snows... :
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