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I recently got a job at the rental/ski shop at my local hill. As many of you know working at a place like this you are bombarded with deals that you just can't pass up. I dont think I am going to make any money.... Anyone else ever have this problem? Not a bad one to have but I have to find a good solution, because I would like to finish with more money than I started with,

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One word: Ebay

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I worked at a bike shop all through college. Big mistake, I ended up with some sweet equipment, and not a dime to show for it. Good luck!
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I got my first ski & bike shop job when I was in seventh grade. :

I worked in the ski business - in one capacity or another - and the bicycle business for twenty plus years before being tricked into my present indentured servitude.

Along the way I bought a lot of great toys, met a bunch of great people and, in general, had a ton of fun. But I never made any money to speak of.

There will always be a good deal on some widget available to you; my advice is don't confuse on sale and for sale.

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