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Race Wax suggestions...

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League Champ GS Race tomorrow. Whoo hooo!

Temps have been in the single digits and teens all week. FROZEN. Supposed to be 40s-50 tomorrow and sunny. NICE race day! Two runs about a minute each. AM should be fairly firm, but PM should soften considerably.

I am a swix guy. From coaching days about a 100 years ago, I have humongous blocks of blue, purple, pink, yellow so please dont suggest something new.

Also have warm graphite and a small bar one of my chemist buddies gave me and tells me is "pure flouro." Whatever that means.: I will say it HAS been fast on moist snow!

Thinking yellow and flouro and a heavy brushing.

LUV to hear some thoughts!
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...snow temp is more important than air temp, but yellow should run pretty well. If you think it's going to be a little colder than expected, mix red and yellow...
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If the snow is going to be warm and wet (snow temp is important) not just the air temp, then the flouro would be a given. Is this an overlay, powder or similar? If it is then maybe I'd hot wax with yellow if the snow temp is close to 32F and the flouro too. If the snow is going to be old snow- spring type granular with some dirt from melt down then I'd consider warm graphite wax and possibly the flouro too.
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